Small Paychecks, Big Memories

Running is going well this week if you consider not sticking to my plan going well. It’s one of those week’s after traveling where I just don’t feel like I can catch back up on my sleep.

Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: 4.5 miles 8:25/min avg pace
Wednesday: 3.25 miles 7:55/min avg pace
Thursday: 6 miles 8:45 avg pace

It’s not going terrible in terms of getting out there and mileage, but the speed work and hill work hasn’t happened yet. I am supposed to be doing hills with some people from work tomorrow so since I’ve commit to other people, I guess I will be getting it done! But it’s also supposed to rain and our run is planned for the trails sooo…

I attempted some core and strength work on Wednesday because even though it was my fastest day, I was just not feeling running for some reason. I am pretty sure I only ran that fast because I could not wait to get back home to curl up in bed and read my book. That’s where I’m at in life I guess. Have you guys read Divergent? I knew I was going to love it by page 8. I am a¬†huge Hunger Games fan. Before the movies or the trailers even came out, I was in love with the books. Divergent has a similar style to Hunger Games, so I’m not really surprised I’m so hooked.

Spring in Park City is by far one of my favorite seasons out here, but it can also be the worst. It’s considered “Mud Season” because all of the snow is melting from the resorts so you aren’t able to run/hike/bike the trails and about half of the town shuts down until the end of May. This year is a ‘worst’ year…at least in my opinion. It’s supposed to rain/snow all weekend this weekend and I am soo over snow at this point. The good thing about living here, is that I can be down to the desert in about 4 hours to camp, bike, hike, do outdoorsy things in the sunlight. The only downside is that gas does not grow on trees and (I was about to say neither does food, but I guess that’d be wrong) neither do the necessities you need to bring to survive since you aren’t staying at your house. That has deterred me from heading South many a weekend, then I saw this:

photo (12)


Now, obviously I’m not setting out to be irresponsible, but I completely agree with the above. I have zero obligations outside of my career (no kids, no mortgage, etc) and the last big purchase I made was my bike. So, in reality it doesn’t make sense not to use it…right?! But really, what better time is there than now to make all of these great memories, even if they are short weekend trips? I have plenty of proof that sometimes those are the best ones! I’ve had weekend trips where I stressed about what time I would get back Sunday night to make sure I was ready for work Monday morning (which is important of course) but not all of the time! I’m 25 years old, life is fun! Life is literally whatever I want to make of it. Same goes for when I stress about traveling for a race and paying a race entry fee. I love to run, so why not do it? Yes, I could go run 13.1 on a Saturday morning for free…but the atmosphere surrounding a race is irreplaceable. Some of my best running memories are during races – again…worth it :)

aaand tomorrow is Friday so get out there and do something that is going to make a big memory!!

Back in Utah!

Long time no blog! I certainly over expected of myself when I thought I’d be able to keep up with everything while being at home for a wedding…my brothers none the less. Wrong! Life pretty much took a backseat to the trip home but I am totally okay with that – it was all worth it. I had the best time and I’ve never seen my brother so happy. The day of their wedding (it was an outdoor wedding) was originally supposed to be rainy and cold, but it turned out to be sunny and beautiful which I think was a relief to everyone…especially the bride ;)


Me and my brother!


My new sister in law and I!

Gazebo where the wedding took place

Gazebo where the wedding took place

I only went running¬†once in the 4 full days I was back in Missouri, so you could say training for this next half in 18 days in going really well :) However, I went running yesterday after work and I expected it to be really hard for many reasons, like I only went running once in the past almost week, I was coming back to much higher altitude and I ate like I was on a junk food diet while I was there. I came home on Sunday very ready to eat nothing but salads and smoothies for the week! Anyway, I went for a 5 mile run yesterday at an 8:15/min avg pace and I felt great. I was ready to let myself go however slow I needed to finish the 5 but apparently I didn’t need the buffer. I’m okay with that!

Today I am planning to get in another 5 miles and either Wednesday or Thursday morning (depending if it really snows tomorrow) I am going to do some speedwork at the track. That should be a good time :/


Utah View


Missouri View

When I make it to the track for my speed workout, I am planning on it looking a little something like this:

2 mile warm up
4×800 – recovery lap between each
4×400 – recovery lap between each
2 mile cool down

I am planning on today’s 5 miles including lots of hills. Not a true hill workout, but there are a few super steep, quick hills in town that I want to make sure to hit. This weekend I want to do a true hill workout, especially to practice the downhills since my next race is pretty much a fast paced downhill. Look at me, getting serious about training! I know I won’t have any trouble once these workouts become a routine, but actually getting in the routine for me is the hardest part.

Off to work for this girl – have a great Tuesday!