Comfort in The Mountains

My loves! Thank you for being with me and following my latest news.

As you remember I live little bit far from the city. I feel myself extremely happy person and I really enjoy staying  in the mountains: fresh air, crystal clear water and beautiful nature. I’ve recently refreshed my design with beautiful furniture. To be honest, I haven’t changed the basic Adirondack style, because it was already great. Adirondack is a style, which calls you to get rid of the burden problems, work and life in the big city with their exhausting energy. This style forces to stay here and enjoy every moment of our being.

Even my family said it looked truly luxurious and this house might be a museum in the future. There are many historical things inside! Well, I’d like to admit my favorite Adirondack chairs. They look very nice with my current design. I found them on the Internet and they delivered them directly here, to my house. They are created for family cozy evening, when everyone’s thoughts are open like a book. There is no place for closed feelings. In addition, my Adirindack chairs are made from natural materials, in my case from cedar. For me, it’s very important, I don’t want to have plastic things around me. If you lack of money you can purchase cheaper one’s, which is not from wood, but also look nice with good quality. They were constructed well and it was declared they would remain the same in any conditions. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to test them under the rain. I hope that nothing can happen to them, because they are waterproof.

My friends often visit me at weekends and this time and I hope they would feel comfortable in such a relaxing atmosphere with marvelous Adirindack chairs.

Last year we had a BBQ party here and it took several days to get everything ready. My friend, a good website builder from the city, and I had to make the food, clean the house and put up the decorations. Oh yes, everything was perfect – the buffet, the music and the decorations. We sang and danced to the music all night long. If they liked my previous design, this one they would definitely love more.

Finally, today Adirindack style and its chairs are accented by the naturalness and majestic forms. Still, attract the attention of many designers around the world. So it’s easy to have a cozy interior and stay fashion at the same time.

So I am going to have a party next  week and I’m sure it’s going to be a great memory for all of us!

Tell me how you prepare for the party? I am waiting for your replies.



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Which Baby Monitor to Buy?

What a wonderful day! I’ve got something special and I feel so happy. Last month I bought a Wifi baby monitor with the app, but it was lost somewhere on the way. And finally, they delivered it. First of all, it’s not just simple camera, it was created to monitor the baby’s movements. I spend some time researching and choosing the right one, but it was worth it! Now I am holding it in my hands and don’t know what to with it. “Open the box”, said my inner voice. Sometimes he (she) talks to me. Oh, please don’t think I am crazy mum. I don’t have any mental problems.

So after my box was checked, I started my preparation. I came into the room, looked around. Where I can install it? To be honest, I didn’t think much and put it to upper corner of the room.

I followed all the instructions and installed program to my smartphone. So everything’s already on the place and now I can I keep an eye on baby.  You might think it’s difficult to understand how to use it, but believe me it’s easy and doesn’t require from you to be a guru.  If I could do it, so can you.

My little son makes me smile from ear to ear every day and being far from home can be challenging. I don’t want to leave him even for a moment. With ComfortCam I don’t feel so lonely; I can monitor him from my office. I just feel grateful for this wonderful invention. It brings my family lots of joy and happiness. We don’t know how we could cope without ComfortCam before. It’s hard to explain our usual day without monitoring my son.

If you are considering a camera, which will monitor your baby, then ComfortCam might be right decision for that.

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Does Anything Turn Out the Way It Looks on Pinterest?

I’ve recently decided to start yet another health kick. When I say “health kick” I don’t mean finally start working out, blah blah. I work out regardless of how I eat, but I’m pretty sure my cocoa puffs and popcorn for breakfast lunch & dinner today cancelled out my morning run and yesterday’s and the day before’s. I found this great recipe on Pinterest, Caprese Stuffed Burgers. Sounded healthy enough if I ate it without the bun and the picture posted on Pinterest? I was sold immediately. I can’t be the only one…look at this thing!

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Hello, Trail Running Season in Park City

Once again I am working on getting back to normal life and routine after about a week and a half from being away. I love going home to Missouri, of course, seeing my family and friends is always a highlight – but being away from my new home, the office and my normal routine gets hard after awhile. I had an absolutely fantastic time while I was home this time around though. As I already mentioned, the bachelorette party was a blast and the wedding festivities somehow even topped that. Thursday was the rehearsal dinner in St. Louis, Friday we all got together during the day to get our nails and toes done and that night we stayed at the hotel together for one last night! There were so many great things that happened during all of it, way too many to recount, but it will not be a wedding soon forgotten! The bride was stunning and it was truly her fairytale wedding. So I’ll just share a few photos instead :)

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Cheap but classic way as gift

I don’t know what to do about my husband’s gift. I always do the exact same kind of thing, where I buy him something like a barbecue, a cooler, some kind of tent or camping supply, or something else that supports his outdoor habits. He’s such an Outdoorsman, and he loves getting new equipment, but that doesn’t mean that there is always something to buy him for his birthday, or Christmas, or Valentine’s Day.So, this time I was thinking I’m doing something different. I mean, I always go on to Survival cooking and get him something that allows him to be his natural Woodsman, but I was thinking that maybe this year it would be nice to get him something that he would never by himself.

That’s a different type of gift of people appreciate just as much, I always love when someone gets me something that I would never have considered to buy for myself, but actually kind of want without realizing it. So that’s what I want to do for him. So I’ve been looking at the best watches under 500 dollars. I think that he would love to have a really nice watch, but I know that he would never go out and buy himself something that is so unnecessary and such an accessory.

He is such a classic, old fashioned man that I don’t see him ever buying himself something just to look better, which is very Noble, especially considering my shopping habits, but I would like him to feel what it feels like to have something really nice that other men are jealous of. I think the watch that I’m going to pick for him makes him feel like that, which makes me happy. Wow, so excited to order the watch and get it on my sweet man’s wrist– it is going to the best!

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When Advocacy and Business Collide

Is it possible for two different worlds to collide? I mean, does one industry can actually merged with another industry and create a bigger difference not just for selected people but for the larger public?

For Unu Motors, this is really possible through their products. Just look at how amazing their electric scooters are. In The Netherlands, they call is as their ‘elektrische scooter,

Their scooters are truly one of a kind. It is durable and the environment is never compromised. It gives a sense of fulfilment to know that you not leave a negative impact on the environment. Which is really cool.

I also learned that it creates no sound at all. It does not contribute to the already polluted city because in the first place, it is run by electricity. You no longer need to drop by the gas station to fuel it up. Just charge, powered by BOSCH, it whenever its battery is low. And oh, did I tell you it comes with a portable battery you can bring with you whenever and wherever?

I also found out that these scooters have already been published and featured in different media outlets like ELLE, BBC, Business Punk, and CeBit. This makes their product really credible and not just some ordinary electric scooter company.

These are just some of the wonders of Unu Motor’s electric scooters and I highly advise you all to go and get your own.

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The Reason I am Pursuing Real Estate Marketing

My readers know I am an avid health and fitness enthusiast. For years, I have been into joining marathons, going for jogs and runs with my friends and significant other on early mornings or late in the afternoon, and even family fun runs. I enjoy fitness as much as I enjoy my career as a part time business woman.

Lately, I have been interested in being a real estate agent. I got the idea of opening up my doors to this venture when we finally purchased our own house after six years of having a family. Being with the parents of my husband has its share of ups and downs. Though I will always be confident that there will be someone to look after my child when we are away, I still can’t get the idea of owning a house of our own out of my mind.

When I met a real estate agent, I told her about our struggles and she assured me that she understands our situations. She said she has also been in that kind out situation. As we went on to discuss possible real estate properties, she offered me this house just 20 minutes away from our parents’ home. Which is great also so I can drive my kids to them for a weekend vacation or if there are family occasion. This is a benefit also as we always have our weekly family dinner every Wednesday. My parents can go visit us or we can go to their house in just 20 minutes.  It has access to the nearest grocery store, shopping mall, school, and the church. What is  great is that it is also nearby a park where I can dog walk or have my early morning jogging.

So when we decided to move out of our parents home, I was excited to have a place of our own. Our parents were quite devastated but for sure they will get the hang of it in time. The joy and peace our new home brought made me realize every family should have their own place.

That is why I want to stretch out my business ventures by putting up a real estate marketing business. I would love to learn more about the industry, and perhaps attend more courses so I will be more abreast with the latest strategies of selling houses, condominiums, and buildings.

When I told my real estate agent friend about this, she gamely accepted my offer of being a business partners. She will be in charge of the operations while I do the marketing side. She also advised me to look for as many real estate agents as possible so the word will spread about our new business.

While the money is very rewarding in real estate marketing, what is more important to be is the fact that new families can no longer have to depend always on their parents.

I am excited to help more people and I was inspired more when my husband and my kids showed their support.

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Buying A Property In Vancouver? Here’s What You Need To Know

A good friend of mine has been in contact with a really trustworthy Vancouver Realtor, who has been telling her about all sorts of Burnaby condos for sale. My friend is really confident about her decision, and she can’t wait to buy one of those condos. She is even thinking of checking out another one from Coal Harbour Condos for sale. She’s fairly certain that it’s going to happen. I really trust the realtor, and I trust my friend too, but that doesn’t mean that I think it’s necessarily very good idea right now. But I’m just not the kind of person who invests in things or takes risks financially.

Honestly, the potential rewards of investing in the city like Vancouver right now are huge. I’m not denying that. Property prices have been on the rise for a like, a really long time now, and they don’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. However, the best thing to do would be to invest in a time machine and buy some property 5, 10, 20, or more years ago. In those days, property was dirt cheap, and now even a tear down a lot in east Vancouver is selling for multiple millions of dollars. Can you imagine that? A house that you’re just going to have to invest in tearing down is selling for literally millions of dollars. The world is wacky.

Anyway, I’m not saying that investing is a bad idea. I just thought about it a lot and I discussed it with my family, and close friends, and I just think that investing in real estate is a little too volatile for me. If I were to spend Millions on a property, and take out such a substantial mortgage, and then property prices plummeted, what would I do? Do you wait it out, how do you sleep at night? I guess those are the kind of questions I ask myself, and that’s why I don’t think I would be a very good real estate investor. So, I will say, right now my friend is having the time of her life. Different Strokes for different folks!

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App Marketing: The Struggles

Creating an app marketing strategy is not a walk in the park. You do not wake up one day with an effective strategy in mind. With many competitors sprouting here and there, what you need is a clear mind to come up with a very effective campaign and turn it into sales.

However, it is not easy. Every mobile marketer is struggling with challenges. Here are some of the challenges a marketer for a mobile has been going through and how he can address these problems.

  1. Competition

There are many people who can now develop apps, thus this creates the accessibility to having more and more apps each days. So how can your app standout in a pool of many apps which also have the same feature as you?

One is you need to invest app store optimization. Hire a digital company who can do the work for you and i am sure they can do it flawlessly.

2. Downloads does not mean they are being used

Though people download it, it does not mean people use them. Sometimes, it ends up not being browsed. What you can do is to fix its browsing features. It might be because it is slow to open that a user just neglect to open it. Remember your users are conscious of their time.

3. It can be erased immediately

You app must be engaging, fun, and enjoyable to use. Not some boring app that just lowers your storage space. If your app is likely this one, it may end up being erased by the user and you do not want that.

If you want more tips, check out this informative video:

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My Recommended Stock Photography Source

If you’ve ever contributed to a Blog, ran a website, or needed to use stock photography for some other reason, you will know how profoundly frustrating it is to find the right photo from a batch of boring, generic images. Yes, I wish that every single article could have its own customized photograph, but that would seriously interfere with my productivity, and I would really need to take a couple photography classes to learn how to do that. And, sometimes you’re writing about something that you just can’t find in the real world, and you depend on an image from the internet to make ends meet. Actually, more often than not, this is the case.

It is actually exceedingly important to attach an image to every single blog post you write. It’s necessary, and it’s evil a necessary evil. It’s only evil because the options on most Stock photography sites are not even a little bit good. So often I’ll be very proud of an article that I’ve written, and every single image that could possibly attach to it is total garbage. Well, maybe not total garbage, but it’s definitely not what I am hoping for. This pattern has repeated itself over and over and over and over and over and yes, once again, over and over again.

It’s just part of life as a blogger. The other bloggers I know I have consistently told me that they also struggle with this. However, when I recently found the website EyeEm I had wondered if I stumbled onto this Goldmine all by myself, or if all of the other bloggers that I’ve known were just lying about their struggles to keep this amazing gem for themselves. Thankfully, a lot of the bloggers and writers I know are really good people, and their dependence on poor stock photography sources is not only clear from what they say, but also the images that are attached to their blogs.

EyeEm, though, is super different. The photos are great and bountiful and the database just keeps growing and growing with more high quality content. I’m so happy about this site, and ever since I began to use it and I search for good stock photography has gotten a whole lot easier. So, even though I am sort of wanting to keep this little secret to myself, if you’re loyal enough to be reading this far into a post, I’ve given you your Stock Photography solution.

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