Helloooo Missouri!

I made it back to Missouri! It’s great to be back. I didn’t realize it has been 7 or 8 months since I had been here last, but you know why I love my little town of WashMO? Because when I come back nothing changes. Which actually isn’t that true because they keep building things and trying to expand our nice little town, but I can easily avoid all of that nonsense by staying in my nice little neighborhood/downtown bubble. I’ve already ran into old friends and went to see my old dentist and life is good :)

Everyone loves the dentist

Everyone loves the dentist

I am working from home today because there was really no reason for me to take a vacation day and it would have to be unpaid and no one likes that. No one. Anyway, so I had my alarm set to wake up and go for a run before starting the work day. That did not happen. I even set my phone on something that would require me to get out of bed to turn off. Still did not happen. My flight didn’t get in to St. Louis until midnight last night, which means we got home a little after 1:00am…so it was a little ambitious to begin with. In long story form, I am telling you that I am hoping to get in my first Missouri run this evening. I’m pretty excited to see how this lower elevation thing goes, and to run on all of my old routes and hopefully dominate them all :)

This certainly isn’t a bad view while you’re working..

photo 4 (4)

For lunch we went to a St. Louis staple, Imo’s Pizza. So, so good. The pizza is super thin crust and is cut into squares…which is why they’re slogan is “The Square Beyond Compare”. They use Provel cheese which is the bomb.com and one of the main things they are known for. I’ve never been able to find it outside of the STL area, but I wish it was a worldwide thing. They also have the best toasted ravioli and salads. The salad is by no means healthy. I don’t know what their house dressing is (it’s their own dressing that you can buy by the bottle) but it’s addicting. It’s some type of sweet something…that’s all I know. And it’s also delicious as a pizza dipper or a cracker dipper or a t-rav dipper or even just a finger dipper.

Imo's! Imo's!

The wedding festivities officially begin tomorrow at 9am when we start setting up/decorating the brewery! Have I mentioned how excited I am for this?! Ahhhh, it’s finally here!! I also got a notification on my phone while I was at the airport that it was exactly 1 month until I’d be back at the airport to head home again for Ali’s bachelorette party and wedding. So many weddings and so much happiness!

Have a great day!!!

New Shoes – FINALLY!!

Are you guys looking at the moon?! It’s crazy big tonight! I know I am supposed to be able to see the lunar eclipse at midnight tonight, but that’s going to take quite a bit of effort to be awake for!


It’s a beautiful night to live in the mountains! You know what’s not beautiful? My running lately. I have no idea what the deal is, but it has been less than stellar ever since my race. I don’t know if I just overdid it and don’t really know what recovery works for me yet or what. But I’m trying!

Friday – I went on that trail run with my co-workers. The whole run was 4.25 miles but the hard part was the trail climb. We climbed over 700 feet in about 3 quarters of a mile. I was dying on the way up. Normally when I am running with people I can push through pain and finish the run I’m doing, but not this time (I did finish, I just had to take a few breaks on the way). In the first quarter mile of the run my knee was throbbing, so that did not help, but I’m definitely not using that as an excuse. I was just not ready for that climb. I am however really happy that I did it – it can only help my fitness!

PC Hill

Top of the mountain!

Saturday – Rest day!

Sunday – I planned to wake up and get in a long run. Nope, didn’t happen. The weather here Sunday was less than spring feeling. A little rain, little snow, little ice, lots of wind. I did make it out before all of the rain/wind/ice started, but it was about 21 degrees and winds that felt about 88 mph. I only made it a little over 3 miles before I called it quits. Instead I came home and did some core work. I finally accomplished a 2 minute plank, so I had 1 fitness win over the weekend! I then proceeded to hang out in my compression socks the rest of the day while hanging out at Kneaders. I was pretty much just hoping for some magical healing powers on my legs if I kept them on long enough.

photo 4 (3)

Monday (today) – one of the better days I’ve had since race day! I am giving partial (by partial I mean all) of the credit to getting my new shoes in the mail! Yayy!!! New Balance makes a special shoe every year for the Boston Marathon (I think they do it for NYC too) and they just so happen to make it in my favorite style – the 890 :) This year it was the 890v4 and I could not be happier with the purchase! When I set out to buy a new pair, I wasn’t even thinking about the Boston pair being out. I’ll be honest, you show me anything that says #LoveBoston or #BostonStrong, I am going to make the purchase. My heart still goes out to all of those who were affected by last years marathon bombings and I will show my support any way I can.

Boston 890s Boston 890s

To be honest, these pictures don’t even do the wonderfulness of these shoes justice. I am just so in love. The pictures on the NB website didn’t even do them justice. Anyway, outside of the look, I also love the feel of the 890v4. I’m sure it’s all in my head, but these feel a little lighter than my other pair of v4s. My knee was still hurting a little when I ran today, but I’m hoping a few days in a new pair of kicks will help out the same way it did last year. I started out with 5 miles at a 7:50/min avg pace. After 5 I just so happened to be by my house, so I made a quick stop for a glass of water and some Aleve to stop my knee pain. I headed back out and did another 2.25 at a 7:45/min avg pace and called it a day. I haven’t done 7+ miles since way before race day and it feels really good. Especially on the ego.

I also jumped on this Nuun train recently and it’s about time. I started out with the regular hydration tablets and recently sprung for the Energy tabs.


I have been trying to cut back on the coffee recently, only because I am a freak when it comes to my teeth and will do anything I can do keep them pearly white. Outside of buying a super expensive toothbrush and using whitening strips, I figured cutting back on the teeth staining coffee was about the best thing I could do. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to drink coffee, but on days when it’s not necessary I figure I can replace it with Nuun Energy. It can’t be a bad decision, Nuun has lots of vitamins and hydrates me as opposed to coffee dehydrating me. If you get the chance, I highly suggest giving it a try.

I have also jumped on one more, slightly less healthy bandwagon recently. Do you guys remember when people started ‘icing’ people with Smirnoff Ice? Well it recently came back up at work and it came back into my life in full force. The intern over at PPPC left this on my work chair last Friday morning – and he should constantly be watching his back because his is coming.


So I came up with the idea to just keep setting them in the guest bathroom at my house – that way I could make sure to get any/all visitors. Pretty brilliant if you ask me :)

photo 3 (3)

Have you ever iced anyone/been iced?

What’s your favorite breakfast food?! (I’m a little burnt out on all of mine:))