Random Ramblings

Happy Labor Day everyone!!

How have you spent your long weekend? I have been pretty busy doing nothing too Labor Day’y. Starting Friday when I got off of work I headed straight home ready to relax and enjoy my time off. That night consisted mostly of homemade tacos and Coronas :) I wasn’t planning on doing too much because I had a big day of activity on Saturday. We had a big mountain bike planned with some friends but I was still determined to get in my long run that morning. So I woke up at 5:00am on a SATURDAY to get my run in along side the sun! I headed to one of my favorite trails to kind of gauge where my fitness/hill running is currently and I was pleasantly surprised! My original plan was to have it be an 8 mile day but with all of the mountain bike climbing I knew was to come I wanted to make sure I was still able to ride and have a good time. I ended up cutting it a little short at 6.5 miles with a 1,000ft elevation gain. I wasn’t too disappointed in the shorter route – the run on that particular route actually felt better than it has all year so I left with a good feeling :)

A few sunrise photos and FALL!

photo 1 (35) photo 3 (27) photo 2 (35)Riding that afternoon was…a mess to say the least. A few miles into the climb my bike just broke. The chain jammed itself so far in between the spokes and the rear gears that there was no way to get it out. The most fun part was that I couldn’t even roll the bike back down the hill because the chain jam was causing my back tire to not be able to spin. Yayy! Thankfully I was not alone and Aleck was able to throw my bike over his back and carry it back down the hill. <– I’m making it sound easy..it was far from it! I was able to bring it into the rental shop and they fixed what they could but I was still left with some non-shifting gears and no brakes <— that part was the most fun :/ I still managed to get in 1 downhill run without my brakes but after that I decided riding without them was probably the least smart thing I’ve done in a while. So I hung out at the bottom with a PBR while the rest of the gang did a few more runs.

photo 4 (24)Last night (Sunday night) we headed over to a bbq which was by far the most Labor Day celebration I attended this weekend. I also took yesterday off from running because I was really sore in my legs and core. I got back out there today and did 3.5 miles. My body was still feelin’ the soreness a little bit but I took it slow and even hit some hills on the way.

On a completely random note, fall is 100% here in Park City and I’m having a love/hate acceptance of it. I love it because…who doesn’t love fall? Everything that comes with it is great! The air is off, windows are open, apple spice candles are always burning and it’s a season you can actually decorate for – wahoo! I am however now fully ready to let go of summer and I am 170% not ready for winter at all. We have had a super rainy summer up here, some people are saying Park City’s rainiest summer, which is causing a lot of discussion about a really wet/snowy/early winter. NO. Snowy fine – I handle that, I do live in the mountains after all :) But longer and/or earlier than usual? Absolutely not! Not on my watch mother nature!

photo 5 (12)
And on another totally random note – I recently realized that 4 of the 5 fall races I am planning on doing fall on consecutive Saturdays. I am really, really hoping to be able to do all of them but I guess I will have to wait and see how my legs feel after the first one to decide if I can keep on going. 3 of them are half marathons and the 4th is a 6k climb to the top of Snowbird Resort which is a 3,000ft elevation gain. In 3.8 miles :| Yikes! But the tram takes you back down from that one and at the base is their annual Oktober Fest so it’s not all bad! As long as I keep feeling the way I have been when I’m running I am totally confident in myself that I can make all of the races!

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend! See ya during the work week!

Friday Five (Favorites)

I’m jumping on this Five on Friday bandwagon <– told ya I loved ‘em, and doing some of my current favorites.

1. FALL. Fall is pretty much here in Park City – weather and all – and to be honest, I’m pretty ready for everything that comes with fall. The only thing I could do without is the winter that comes after. That…I am not ready for just yet. I’ve already started decorating for fall around the house ¬†and with the weather allowing for no air conditioning/windows open…it’s certainly feeling fally! You know what else makes it pretty ‘fall’? The fact that people like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have already brought out their pumpkin spice coffees.

As a little fall bonus, running in fall weather is incredible.

2. My new Nikes :) I know you saw them in my last post…but I am obsessed.

photo 1 (2)Aleck and I went out to dinner one night and we could not have looked more opposite. Preppy vs. Cool ;)

photo (4)3. LONG WEEKENDS!! I live and die by the saying ‘working for the weekend’ and then when you give me an extra day? I am one happy little girl! I plan to do a lot of running, mountain biking, hanging out outside, eating, ALL OF IT! So excited!

4. My friends and I have all booked our flights to Breckenridge in October for one of their bachelorette parties. They are all my favorites. This trip is going to be my favorite. I am just SO excited!!

5. Along with the cold weather, comes sweaters!! I am all stocked up for fall/winter with sweaters, but not just any sweaters – baggy and warm sweaters. It just makes getting dressed so easy. Knee boots, leggings, shirt, sweater. BOOM. Done. Dressed. Cute!

The fact that today is Friday? Now THAT is my ultimate favorite! Have a great, long weekend! Enjoy your weekend long runs!!