Marathon Training Week 5

Week 5 was not one of my better training weeks! Majority of my runs felt ‘off’ and I really just wasn’t feeling it. I am hoping and determined to make this next week much better and to push myself a little bit harder than I have been. I was out of town this past weekend back in Missouri for a baby shower and I am not good at keeping my eating on track while I’m out of town and I’m also terrible at staying on training when I’m gone. I just have such a hard time justifying going to bed at early 0’clock to get up and run for hours when I could be hanging out with my family/friends that I have not seen in months and don’t have the chance to see whenever I want. I’m not super beating myself up about it, but it is unfortunate that it’s 2 weeks in a row that I’ve let myself mess up my training plan. On the bright side, at least I only started week 6 yesterday and still have time to get better.

Marathon Training Week 5:

Sunday – Rest
Monday – 5 miles + CT;  5 treadmill miles at 9:22/avg pace plus a couple of strength workouts from the Nike Training App
Tuesday – Speed Workout; 1 mile warm up, 4×800, 4×400, 1 mile cool down (recovery jogs between intervals); This was…a mess. I created the workout on Garmin, but I messed up the repeats and somehow put 4 recovery jogs between each interval. Ended up with 6 miles, but a couple of the interval times didn’t record.
Wednesday – 6 miles; 5.7 miles at 9:52/avg pace plus alpha abs on NTA
Thursday – 5 miles; 5 miles at 10:08 avg/pace. This particular run was some kind of awful for whatever reason.
Friday – Rest; Did 4 morning miles to run off the White Castle we picked up on the way home from the airport…
Saturday – 8 miles; skipped :(

As you can see…not even close to a good week. I cut a few runs short and while I did an extra 4 on Friday, I skipped Saturday all together. I am determined not to have a week like that again! I have been trying to plan for how I will make it work when I go on my trip to Chicago in April, and I think I just need to be more disciplined. I have 14 to do while I’m there, but I don’t know if that’s something I should be doing alone through a city I barely know, so I may do it before I leave and just do shorter runs in the hotel gym and/or those might be easier to plan for outside.

This week has already started off better than the last. I did 5 miles while it snowed yesterday morning, then I went to the gym after work and got in an extra 2 miles, plus 30 minutes on the bike with some added in strength training. I’m possibly having to switch around some long Saturday runs in the event I do the Canyonlands half in a couple of weeks (the 21st). I really want to do it, but I don’t know if I really feel ready for it – my long run paces are not giving me confidence in beating last years time.

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And a few randoms from the weekend.

The ONE time, I wanted a small glass of soda on the plan – they give me the entire can. For the first time in my entire life. And you can’t even throw away what you don’t drink because they just throw it in a trash bag.

photo 3 (3)I am obsessed with morning runs when it’s only my foot prints in the snow…not really sure why :)

photo 4 (1)I was really surprised when I checked the elevation on my watch while I was running in Missouri. Only about 7,000 feet less than I’m used to…

photo 2 (6)



Cheap Shoes & a Workout!

First things first. I just bought two pairs of running shoes (Mizuno’s) for the price of LESS THAN ONE NORMAL PAIR. I always forget that carries all the popular running shoe brands, and majority of the time for around 50% off. The colors can vary the price by about $20, but seriously – I’ll take it! These beauties are being delivered to my house Friday :) I have no affiliation with other than a deep, deep love for cheap shoes that’ll probably have too many miles on them by marathon time.
Sayonara 2

wave rider 17






The green ones are the Sayonara 2’s. I have the original Sayonara’s and absolutely love them. So I’m hoping they didn’t change anything up that won’t work well for me with round 2. The pinkish ones are the Wave Rider 17’s. I’ve never actually worn a pair of Wave Rider’s, but from what I understand they’re a little more durable and better for longer distances. As long as they fit/work well – I am planning to use them for my long runs and the Sayonara’s for speed or shorter runs.

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I started using the Garmin Connect/Garmin 620 feature that allows you to create your workouts on Connect and send them to your watch. I really just use it for speed workouts, and it makes it so much easier to complete each workout. WELL I thought I set up Tuesday’s correctly. I had my warm up, 4×800 repeats with a recovery jog between each, then 4×400 repeats with recovery jog intervals between each of those + a cool down. I was stoked, it was going to make an otherwise very confusing workout much easier. Dumbo Sarah did not set it up correctly at. all. And it took me way too long to realize it. I ended up running a couple of extra 800s (which is brutal!). I had it set up to run 4 recovery jogs in between each 800 and each 400. No idea how I really even accomplished that, but I did. I am thankful that I finally figured it out though so I could bypass 3 of the 4 recovery jogs and move on to the intervals. If anyone hasn’t created workouts on Connect – it’s this easy!

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 6.33.09 PMMy times were pretty awful. I can’t blame it all on the confusion of the watch (although I do place some blame there :)) I think I was also just tired, I woke up late and was trying to rush it, and I was on the indoor track at the gym which ended up being 60 laps when I was finished. That is way too many times around one circle for me.

When I first created a 20 week training plan, I was kind of concerned about getting burnt out on running/training by the time the marathon even got here. I still worry about that every now and then, especially when a Thursday rolls around and I have an easy 5 on the schedule and I just do not want to go at all. But, unexpectedly, the majority of the time I am pretty stoked to get out there and I don’t see that going away. I think it’s because I tried to vary my workouts quite a bit through the week and the fact that I can actually see my times/strength/endurance getting better helps out a lot. I am trying really hard to log every run in my running journal so I can look back and see how far I have come. It’s also helpful to write down what I ate the night before a long run, breakfast and during just to make sure if I have any issues I can hopefully pinpoint what I did differently and never do it again!

training journal

What’s your favorite training workout?!

Do you have a running/training journal?