Strength Training for Runners – New Workout Plan!

My new workout/training plan is absolutely a work in progress. I have never really “planned” out my training, really just kind of winged it and hoped for the best – for the most part. I always tried to make sure to get in a few speedwork days when I felt up to it and long runs were important as well…but when race day came I never felt like I was truly ready. And I am very ready to stop feeling that way! Most people like to run at least 13 miles before running a half marathon, I was usually lucky if I hit 10 before race day. Not this time, I am giving my word to myself right now that I will run at least 13.1 before race day. Another thing I never worried too much about was strength training. Something else I just always assumed I didn’t need. Are you thinking to yourself, “Wow…this girl really thinks she is just the bees knees” because as I’m writing this I’m feeling a little bit ridiculous. I have no idea why I thought I was the exception to needing to do these things, especially when I read plenty of blogs of people faster than me and they allllllll do those things. Anyway, it’s a new leaf for me and I’m going to get it right! Like I said, it’s a true work in progress and I feel like I’m starting from scratch. I have been searching “strength training for runners” and similar workouts and trying to put something of my own together so if you have any suggestions I would LOVE to hear them!

My first week of training is going to go a little something like this:

  • Monday – ran 5 miles (trail) 800ft elevation gain
  • Tuesday – 3.5 treadmill miles + 30 minute ab+arm workout
  • Wednesday – 4 miles + mountain bike ride (substituting for a leg workout)
  • Thursday – 5 miles (trail)
  • Friday – rest
  • Saturday – 6 miles + mountain bike ride
  • Sunday – undecided (either rest or a cross training day)

We will see how this goes. I am going to be throwing in some speedwork and hill days in a couple of weeks, but I want to make sure to get into a routine before I throw in the hard stuff and risk getting off track. And in the event someone else is aimlessly looking around the internet for some workouts (some of them are female focused, sorry fellas) I am linking to them below!

I do have a little at home workout routine I have been doing here and there. It’s pretty quick but that’s what I am usually looking for when I’m doing a living room workout…because it usually means I just finished running or I am trying to squeeze in a workout.

I use 5lb weights (it’s all I have :)) for all of these moves. Repeat 3x -

  • 20 squats with arm raise
  • 10 reverse lunge (each side)
  • 10 renegade row
  • 10 straight arm plank bringing knee to elbow (each side)
  • 20 russian twists

Like I said, any tips, tricks or advice is much appreciated! I am considering taking a Body Pump class once a week – it seems like a really easy way to get in a strength training day without having to put something together myself…someone else just tells me what to do!


Here I Am!

My life – I have it back! Boy oh boy it feels wonderful to be back in my normal routine, I sure missed it. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast being busy (I am one of the lucky ones to truly enjoy my job :)) and New York was incredible to see for the first time, but I love my home :)

New York was something else! I wish I had more time to travel the city but the parts I did see were really cool and a little frightening all at the same time. Our hotel actually overlooked Times Square so I was right in the middle of the action! There’s not much to recap since it was a work trip, but I’d go back at some point for fun..but I don’t think I could stay more than a couple of days and I don’t think my bank account would allow more than a couple of days.

Times SquareWhen I got back to Park City I was more than ready to start running again and get serious about training for some fall races. I was definitely a little burnt out on running going into the Steeplechase and afterwards I was totally burnt out. BUT that break was just what I needed. I’m excited about running again which in my opinion is an important piece to this little puzzle.

I am currently signed up for 3 upcoming races and I am considering a 4th. I was initially planning my first full to be this October at The North Face Endurance Challenge in PC (trail run) but I’m not ready and really don’t feel like stressing myself out to run a full. I have one I have my eye on for the early, early Spring which I think makes a lot more sense for me. It’s my first full, I need time to train! So for now, I have 3 trail half’s ready to go. One in September, October and November. I started my training the day after I got back from NY and did an easy 4 miles.

runningI planned to run on Saturday but we ended up heading out to Flaming Gorge for the day to boat and wake board so we had to head out at 6am :/ I did however wake up at 4:30am to get in a quick at home Sarah Fit workout. Flaming Gorge has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Utah is full beauty, I am well aware of that, but it still never ceases to amaze how ever place is just so freaking incredible! I also tried wake boarding for the first time which was…neat. I tried a couple of times, got up once and called it good! Holy moly, that takes some strength! I could not hold on long enough to get out of the water!

flaming gorgeAlong with my excitement to start training/working out again, I am also ready to dive head first back into healthy eating. I wasn’t eating too terrible while I was out and about – but it definitely could use some cleaning up. So first things first, I am attempting 21 days of no sugar…except natural sugar. I could not give up fruit and I see no reason to. I have cut back on it a little bit though. For example, instead of my morning snack of fruit I switched it out for a mix of vegetables. Oh…and if there’s sugar in alcohol…that doesn’t count either :)

My first meal back on the wagon was thai veal lettuce wraps. I will never say no to a nice thai lettuce wrap. Fo real.

thai lettuce wrapsI found a recipe for a chicken marinade from a personal trainer site that said it’s the perfect marinade because it has enough flavor to make up for all of the extra food you probably want. It’s spicy which I really liked, but it used the chipotle chilis in adobo sauce and I don’t love the flavor of them. But with all of the garlic and spices it made it a lot better than I expected.

Chicken and corn on the cob!

Chicken and corn on the cob!

Soo yeah, life is good! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I had to run at the gym today… which is clearly my least favorite thing ever.

photo (3)

My brand spankin’ new workout/training plan is next up!