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I am in a little bit of a blah mood today but really wanted to do a blog post. To be quite honest, all I can think about is the big race on Saturday and how not ready I feel…and pretty much how I’d like to be a no show, but I can’t even imagine how hard I’d be on myself if I did that so…to the peak of Jupiter we go!

Anyyyyway. I’ve just been hanging out surfing the web tonight and decided I’d share some of my favorite running memes, ecards, etc. with you :) Enjoy!

…and I clearly can’t do that well since I have nothing to say!


My favorite…obviously


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A couple of weeks ago I blogged about switching out a handful of the fruits in my morning smoothies and adding a little more vegetables. I have been doing it every morning since then and starting to even mix up the veges I put in. I have noticed a huge difference in my appetite and even how I feel. I know fruits and natural sugar are not bad for you, I’m not crazy – I was just eating wayyy too much fruit and needed to cut back. When I say I eat a lot of fruit, I’m saying there are multiple days where I will eat 1lb of strawberries in 1 day along with some more fruit scattered throughout the day. I actually have a few front teeth that are (in a certain light) see through because I eat too much acidic fruit. Weird…yeah, I know. My new smoothie usually consists of: beets, kale, spinach, ginger, lemon, strawberries, carrot juice and a little yogurt. <—I like full smoothies :) I drink my smoothies right before I leave the house for work and I used to be hungry for a snack by 10am, I’ve noticed that since I’ve started drinking the new and improved smoothie my appetite is always curbed until lunch time. I’ve also noticed that I’ve lost a little bit of that ‘sugar bloat’. However, I did basically stop eating candy as well so I guess we can also attribute some of that sugar bloat to that :)

I hope you guys had an awesome Wednesday!


Weekend in Seattle!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may already know that this past weekend was spent as a quick getaway to Seattle with the ol’ ball and chain. To say I am completely in love with Seattle and it was one of my favorite weekends in 25 years of weekends, would be an understatement. I think it also helps that I traveled from an area where there is not much of a night life and the age demographic does not include a lot of folks my age…so they already had a leg up :)

The trip started off with a 10:00am flight out of SLC straight to Seattle. But it really started off with screwdrivers at the airport bar around 8:30am. Utah has a law against serving alcohol before 11:30am so I am not sure what kind of magic the airport holds but it may just be my new favorite watering hole. Being the high maintenance girl I am, I got Popov vodka (the cheapest I could get) while my travel buddy went with Grey Goose because who doesn’t drink the Goose at 8:30am? After an ample amount of time making fun of him for being “classy” I was able to move on from that happening. The flight was short and sweet, 2 hours, but we gained an hour going there so we landed at 11:00am which was awesome. The hotel was a quick 25 minute cab ride from the airport and BOOM we were there! Ready for a great weekend! We stayed at The Roosevelt Hotel, which is right in downtown Seattle, and it was hands down the homiest hotel I have ever visited. From the second we walked in the room I was in love! This is where this post gets a little picture heavy, so get ready!

image Image-1 (3) photo 1 (11)We actually arrived a little early so our room wasn’t ready quite when we got there, but that was totally fine (and expected) so we left our bags with them and went to explore the city and grab some lunch. Our first stop on the list was Pike’s Place Market, which was less than a mile walk from the hotel. The market was awesome, but I may or may not do so well with extremely large crowds so we made our way through, I saw the Pacific Ocean for my first time and then we booked it out of the crowded area. We found our way to Tanaka San, a “Modern American Asian” restaurant, in the downtown area. We had a couple of beers, split some twice fried wings and each ordered a bowl of ramen. It was all really good, but I think we could have done better with what we ordered. Oh well! After lunch we made our way back to the hotel and we were able to get into our room at that time.

I love this hotel!!

photo 2 (33)After a much needed and very quick nap we were back out and on our way to SoDo Sports Street (my favorite street name ever) to grab some tickets to the Mariners game that night! We spent the rest of the evening over at an alehouse right across the street before heading into the game. I had an absolute blast and I forgot how much I missed being in a town (city whatever) that has that type of sports atmosphere. Especially considering the Seahawks/Sounder stadium was right next door which was really cool to see as well! I jumped on that Seahawks bandwagon pretty hard last year and never looked back. But in my defense, I only did it because I thought they had the prettiest jerseys in the NFL, I lucked out on the whole Super Bowl thing ;) We ended the night at a bar called Tap House which was on the walk home and just on the other side of the block of our hotel. This is also something I had totally forgotten about since living in Utah. As a late night happy house, they had $2.95 sushi rolls…WHAT?!! And they were obviously delicious because were in Seattle. I could not get over it.

photo 3 (22)

Seahawks/Sounders Stadium!!

photo 2 (31) photo 4 (19)

photo 5 (8)

Nachos at the stadium!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to hit Pike’s Place for some breakfast and coffee. Seattle loves their coffee. We were up so early in fact, that by the time we got down to the market…everything was still closed :/ It was still fun to see everything before it was set up and before all of the crowds came. We went over to a place where I could see the ocean without the crowds (I have a weird fascination with water) and there weren’t “crowds” but every single table had a homeless person sleeping on it. Which is good because I usually feel the feed to give everyone my money when I’m in that type of situation. After all of that fun we finally found an open breakfast joint and booked it inside. I opted for the homemade granola, yogurt and fruit bowl because it would be the one non fried dish I ate the entire weekend. But don’t worry, I made sure to compliment it with a nice drink that consisted of coffee liqueur, coke and something that made it creamy. After that it was back to the hotel for a nap before we started the day’s adventures! I did not let that nap last past 10:30am and after getting ready for the day we were off to see the Seattle Space Needle around 11:00am! Fun fun!

Space needleWe spent the rest of Saturday afternoon eating lunch and walking around the town. Lots of walking! The big event, the reason we were there, came Saturday night…going to see The Book of Mormon at the Paramount Theater!!

photo 5 (9) photo 4 (21) photo 3 (24)

I cannot even begin to explain how freaking funny the show was! Let me preface the rest of this by saying this was my first Broadway Musical I’ve ever seen and I was in love. The show had a lot of Salt Lake City references which made it 10x as funny for me, living only 20min away and spending a fair amount of time down there. I honestly cannot recommend seeing it enough if it ever comes to your area. Or even if it doesn’t because I traveled 871 miles to see it and I would do it all over again! If you’re not familiar with the musical, it’s written by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the writer’s for South Park. After the show I was all hyped up on laughs and….whiskey J So we headed back to the Tap Room for some sushi, dessert and a night cap. Apparently we were out to make the best of our last late night bite in Seattle because after two spicy tuna rolls, we felt the need to get the giant dessert platter. It was super delicious, especially the ice cream sandwich and the chocolate mousse.

dessert platter!Sunday I woke up immensely sad because I had to leave (& a little hungover ;)). A weekend was just not enough time, but we jam packed the weekend with everything we could and like I said before, it was one of the best weekends I can ever remember having. I guess that’s one of the perks of falling in love with your best friend ;)

If you are ever in Seattle I really do recommend staying at The Roosevelt Hotel, they were some of the nicest people, and the room was oh so cozy and homey! Do it! Then invite me ;)

…and I am going to leave you with a few last pictures…

The first EVER Starbucks!

The first EVER Starbucks!

Found this at the Mariners stadium

Found this at the Mariners stadium

photo 1 (31)

A Seattle must...Top Pot Donut!

A Seattle must…Top Pot Doughnut!