Happy Pioneer Day!

Happy Pioneer Day!! I am assuming a whopping zero of you know what that is unless you live in Utah. I still don’t know what it is, I just know that it’s a state holiday so banks and liquor stores are closed. Booo! I am officially on a 4 day weekend, I took today and tomorrow off of work (tomorrow morning I am off to Seattle!).

I woke up bright and early this morning to go run the Steeplechase course…fun! Unfortunately I ended up waking up 1 hour after I was planning to, and I had a strict time I needed be home in order to ‘check-in’ for our flights tomorrow morning to Seattle. Stupid Southwest making checking in so important! Oh well, things happen. I still got to the start of the course at 7am and planned to just head up as far as I could until I hit 8:30ish and needed to turn around so I’d be down by check in time. I made it 6 miles, within 1 mile of the peak! I climbed 2,435 feet in elevation and I absolutely felt each one of those feet. Yeah that’s right, EACH ONE! The course is by far the hardest thing I have run to date. To be completely honest, there were plenty of parts on the uphills that I walked/hiked. I still managed to keep it at an average of 12:16/min miles at the end of the 12 miles but that is literally only because of the down hill. I of course wish that I would have had the time to summit Jupiter Peak, but I made it pretty darn far and got a really good feel for the course.

A few pictures from today’s run because it was beautiful/incredible/wonderful and all of those great things…along with a tad bit painful!

photo 1 (10)
photo 4 (18) photo 3 (21) photo 2 (29) And of course a few random happenings from my wonderful week.

THIS is my favorite blender in all of blenders. Really only because it’s so great to make my smoothie and be able to just take it on the go right out of the blender bottle…it doesn’t blend ice or frozen fruit that great but it’s 20 bucks at WalMart so I’m cool with that. Well, yesterday morning I broke mine…but not really my fault. The bottom of the blender bottle got stuck in the thing-a-ma-jig that makes it spin and that was that. I tossed it had bought a new one within 8 hours. That’s how much I like it!

photo 4 (17)I went mountain biking on Tuesday night and on the way down there was an incredible sunset! However, my mountain biking was extremely sub par. I guess I’m going to be riding like a little wimp until I am no longer scared of taking a tumble like the week before. Hopefully it’s seen because it sucks!

photo 1 (1)

Cross Training

I have been doing my fair share of cross training recently, so I thought I would come here to share the cross training I have been digging recently. I was starting to do it every now and then before my stupid bike crash earlier in the week – but it’s really all I’ve been able to do since then, because my hip was not about to let me go running :( I am thinking about giving it a try about I hit publisher on this post, but to be completely honest taking a little time off has felt really nice. Too bad the steeplechase is now in officially less than 2 weeks :/

1. Yoga

  • I’ve been getting to a yoga class about once a week recently, not really on purpose it’s just been happening. Not only has it been great for loosening and stretching my tight, tight running muscles but I always wake up the next day with sore muscles in places that I usually don’t work out. I was a little nervous to go this past week because of how bad certain parts of my body hurt if I put weight on them but I was able to modify most of the moves. Unfortunately, anything kneeling hurt pretty bad, I couldn’t do forearm planks and I couldn’t do any move that required me to lay on my right side.
  • I went to a class on Friday which was called “Detox to Retox” which was a hot power vinyasa class and everyone goes out for a drink afterwards (to ‘retox’). My kind of yoga :) Anyway, it was the first class where I really didn’t like the teacher. She was super frustrating and myself not being a big ‘yogi’ I didn’t know what she was talking about half of the time. Luckily I was in a mood where I could have cared less if I looked stupid, because I think I was doing my own thing majority of the time.

2. Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred

  • I started doing this last week as an easy way to add a little extra workout into my day. The videos are only about 25 minutes long, so it’s really easy to do right when you wake up. For me personally, working out my arms is something that I need to work on and this video does just that. I’m only using 2.5lb weights because it’s all I have right now but I still got really tired during the reps.

3. Mountain Biking

  • I don’t think it’s any secret around here that I love to mountain bike. The good thing about that is it has a lot of fitness benefits.
    • You end up with stronger, lean and toned legs from climbing
    • You gain a lot of stamina and endurance
    • You aren’t just working out your legs, you use your arms and shoulders as well. Your upper body takes a lot of the hits when you’re going over rocks, etc. but they also have to work on turns, features, and all of those fun things that pop up on the trail.
    • If you ride often, the leg, hip, butt, and thigh muscles with strengthen while turns around and helps out on your knee and hip joints. <– which is great for runners!
    • It’s addicting and so much fun!

4. Body Pump

  • I know that everyone is talking about body pump these days, and we all know I love a good bandwagon, so I decided to look into jumping on this one as well. I haven’t actually taken a class yet, but I did finally find a close-ish gym that offers the class. I knew there were not going to be any gyms in Park City that offered it (it’s hard to find anything up there, it sucks) but luckily the closest gym in SLC does – about 20 minutes from my house. That’d be an easy Saturday/Sunday morning drive and class to take. So I am excited!

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A few random things from this weekend:

The prettiest margarita I’ve ever ordered

photo 1 (34)

Whaaat?! This is genius.

photo 2 (31)Ehhh, no thanks Whole Foods – but I get where you’re going with this.

photo 3 (24)THIS happened in Salt Lake City yesterday, yes please!!

photo (4)