Friday Five (Favorites)

I’m jumping on this Five on Friday bandwagon <– told ya I loved ‘em, and doing some of my current favorites.

1. FALL. Fall is pretty much here in Park City – weather and all – and to be honest, I’m pretty ready for everything that comes with fall. The only thing I could do without is the winter that comes after. That…I am not ready for just yet. I’ve already started decorating for fall around the house  and with the weather allowing for no air conditioning/windows open…it’s certainly feeling fally! You know what else makes it pretty ‘fall’? The fact that people like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have already brought out their pumpkin spice coffees.

As a little fall bonus, running in fall weather is incredible.

2. My new Nikes :) I know you saw them in my last post…but I am obsessed.

photo 1 (2)Aleck and I went out to dinner one night and we could not have looked more opposite. Preppy vs. Cool ;)

photo (4)3. LONG WEEKENDS!! I live and die by the saying ‘working for the weekend’ and then when you give me an extra day? I am one happy little girl! I plan to do a lot of running, mountain biking, hanging out outside, eating, ALL OF IT! So excited!

4. My friends and I have all booked our flights to Breckenridge in October for one of their bachelorette parties. They are all my favorites. This trip is going to be my favorite. I am just SO excited!!

5. Along with the cold weather, comes sweaters!! I am all stocked up for fall/winter with sweaters, but not just any sweaters – baggy and warm sweaters. It just makes getting dressed so easy. Knee boots, leggings, shirt, sweater. BOOM. Done. Dressed. Cute!

The fact that today is Friday? Now THAT is my ultimate favorite! Have a great, long weekend! Enjoy your weekend long runs!!


Falling Back in Love with RUNNING!

Last weekend I tweeted how much I love falling back in love with running…and while it has it’s ups and downs, I am still feeling it :) You know those runs where everything just works and you love every minute and you feel like you could just keep going forever? I had that one today and I am on cloud 9×1,000,000.

TRG TweetMy workouts have been going pretty well, except for that whole “gym” thing. I just can’t seem to get myself there. I seriously want to be someone who can do gym cross training, it’s just going to take some (read: a lot) of practice :) BUT my running is happening and I am loving it!

My week in workout has gone like this so far:

  • Sunday: Mountain biking (yippeee!)
  • Monday: 3.5 miles (the trails were too wet for trail running :( )
  • Tuesday: 4 miles (trail – 500ft elevation gain)
  • Wednesday: morning core work (off from running)
  • Thursday – 5.25 miles (trail – 900ft elevation gain)
  • Friday - 3 miles (road) + mountain biking
  • Saturday - 8 miles (trail)

My trail run today was one of those runs that solidifies why you love trail running (minus the snake sightings and bugs running into my face). It was like I had the energy to do ANYTHING and ANY HILL I wanted!

But I am exhausted and ready for a phone photo dump…enjoy! See ya on Friday!

photo 3

I learned to wakeboard while I was away :)

I also got a new pair of shoes that I am in love with!
photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2)
A few shots from my Tuesday lunch trail run. I have a whole new love for the trails these days – they’re so much fun!
photo 4

running!Last weekend’s long run
photo 5 (2) photo 3And it’s not a post without a few mountain biking shots!

photo 1 photo 2