Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Have a  great day with your families and don’t feel 1 bit of guilt about anything you eat – IT’S THANKSGIVING!! Besides, you can always work it off tomorrow when you’re fighting the Black Friday crowds ;)

This one was too fitting not to include :)

2014 Running Lessons Learned

My 2014 running/race year ended with the Moab Trail Half. (I’m still running periodically, just not training for anything until 2015) 2014 was a huge year for my running and I learned a lot throughout the year. I learned what worked for me, what most definitely did not work, what gear I can’t live without, all of it – this was the year that things fell into place for me. So I thought a recap would be worthwhile…and possibly helpful so I don’t forget before the 2015 training begins :)

Gear that worked:

Training/routines that worked:

  • Speed work! <– it sucks, but it works!
  • 30(ish) mile weeks (half marathon training)
  • Hill runs
  • Remembering to train with my fuel…learned this one the hard way
  • 1 or 2 beers the night before a race
  • Lots of foam rolling
  • Strength training
  • Regularly attending yoga classes

Things that did not work:

  • Taking my training too easy
  • Winging it <– surprising, right?!
  • Trying new foods the night before a race
  • Trying new foods for breakfast on race day
  • Strictly running for every workout
  • Forgetting to train in the heat – especially when I have a race coming up in the heat :)
  • Not pushing myself and staying in my comfort zone
  • Deciding that I’m someone who doesn’t need to stretch. In my old age, this just doesn’t fly with my body anymore.

Honestly, my Spring ’14 was hands down the better of the seasons of racing for me. My first race of the year, I got my first ever age group place and I think that was exactly what I needed and I rode on that energy for the next few races to come. It was a beautiful thing, I age group placed in almost every one of those races. When fall rolled around, things definitely did not go the same way. I’ll be the first to admit that I got a little bit cocky and laid off of the training a little bit. It took a serious toll on me. I still age group placed a couple of times during some end of summer/fall races, but they were not easy. I was nauseas during all of them, I was having horrible knee problems, and they would basically kick my behind for the rest of the day. It wasn’t awesome, that’s for sure. But again, it was a year of learning and the things I took away from this year taught me a lot about who I am as runner and it will definitely be a year that takes 2015 to a whole other level (or at least that’s the plan ;)).

Oh, and has anyone tried this wine? I bought it because of the name, obviously, and then someone just told me it’s awful. I guess that is to expected but it wasn’t even close to the cheapest bottle at the store!

shades wine

Today is my last day of work for an entire week! Tomorrow morning I fly into the Middle East, oh no sorry, I mean St. Louis.


What kind of training works best for you?

What definitely doesn’t work?