Pinterest Fail

I don’t even know if this can be classified as a Pinterest fail, it feels much worse than that. I found a recipe for Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies while I was browsing Pinterest the other day and I was stoked. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is the bomb dot com and I knew these had to be good, especially on some vanilla ice cream..yummmmmm. So last night was the night, I was going to make these delicious cookies of joy and I was even going to bring the leftovers into the office so I could spread the happiness. Happiness however, was not in the cards. Maybe this was a sign that I have been eating too much dessert lately? No. Can’t be.

Anyway, onto the disaster. I put blood, sweat and tears into these things. I was even mixing on the floor, because that’s where I do my best work obviously.

Here are the deceiving little a-holes:


And here is what I got:

photo 2photo 1

I wish I could blame this on baking at altitude, but unfortunately I’ve done it successfully before so I think that excuse is out the window. These wouldn’t even peel off of the wax paper, it was like it turned the paper into a green greasy brick. It was weird. Never again, Pinterest. Never again.

On to a much better food story. For anyone who dines at a ski resort, you may be aware that it’s not easy to eat very healthy when you’re on the mountain. I find it nearly impossible at times. Maybe it’s because the chicken tenders and fries look better but I promise majority of the time it’s because there isn’t much of an option to do so. Until I found this place. This could be the most gourmet salad I have ever had, not only at a ski resort at the top of a lift, but at a lot of restaurants in general.


Unfortunately, it was at a ski resort so I was using plastic utensils trying to cut into a head of lettuce and it didn’t work that great. But, the bites that I was able to get tasted great and I was full until the day was over!

The most important question of the day:



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