See Ya in the New Year!

It’s the final day of 2013! I have been waiting for this day since the end of 2012, literally. I had some unfortunate events occur in my life in the final days of 2012 that were going to affect 2013 and make it difficult on me, and it looks like that is going to carry over into the first months of 2014 but then it’s over. I get my life back. But on Jan. 1 of last year I said that I would endure 2013, and really make the following year great – because that’s how it should be. So – I am going to forget about the hassle these first few months will be and I plan to make 2014 my year – my best year yet. You know George Costanza’s “Summer of George”? Well I’ve declared this next year the “Year of Sarah”!


I have made a few resolutions/goals for the new year both general and running related.

General Resolutions/Goals:
Limit sweets to one indulgence per week
Limit meat to one dinner and one lunch per week
Make it to mass at least once a month
Read more! Our new bookshelf (comfy chair being delivered soon:)) should help.


Running Goals for the New Year! (the important stuff!)
Run my first full marathon!
Run a 1:30 (or less;)) half marathon
Run at least 6 races (doubling last year)
Run the Moab Trail Half again and finish under 2 hours

As of now my full marathon goal time is split in 2. I am telling people I want to finish in under 4hrs but in my head I will be disappointed if I don’t finish in under 3:30. I don’t plan on running it until September so I have plenty of time to train. I think I will have lots of other running goals along the way, but those are my big ones for now. I want 2014 to be the year that I work really hard on my speed and get serious about training for races. I think I’ve set my goals up pretty well to make myself work hard – because knowing myself I will be a ball of tears if I come out of those races not hitting my goals because I just didn’t work hard enough.

I also plan to have a more structured training plan. I will obviously do the normal weekly runs with a gradually longer run on the weekends but I will add 1 day of speed, a tempo run and 3 days a week of strength training. Routines seem to work, so why mess with it :) Once I have the plans in place and I find what fits I’ll be sure to share it with you guys. Only 73 days until my first half of 2014, wahoo!

Alright, now it’s time for me to go get in my last run of 2013 (5 miles) and start pampering myself to get ready for NYE!

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