I Just Want to Run

Things this week are not going as planned! My hopes to wake up Tuesday feeling better were crushed, as was today’s. So far this week I have 5 of my 27 miles finished. Yikes. Extra yikes considering I leave for Missouri tomorrow – where I plan to be way too busy catching up with friends to run. Now that, I do not mind!

Without any runs to post – I decided to share some randomness from the trusty iPhone. Enjoy :) *Weekly Wants Wednesday still to come!


Todays breakfast of sick champions

Sick Breakfast

The view of the sun setting over Olympic Park from my driveway


You know this great place I am so excited to go back to in Missouri? This is the place I call home :)


And lastly, just me and my 2 BFF’s hanging out. I love the holiday’s, can you tell?!


Happy Hump Day! I hope you’re all enjoying your weeks!


Any tips to getting rid of this bug?! 

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