Weekly Wants Wednesday – VII (Race Entry Edition!)


Today’s Weekly Wants Wednesday is dedicated to the top races I want to do in 2014. I was planning out my race schedule for the upcoming year and why are there so many cool races out there!


1. I want to start the year with the Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA. The Surf City race is February 2, 2014 – exactly 4 months after my last race in 2013 (this weekend’s Moab Trail Half). It is apparently California’s Classic Oceanfront Marathon. I actually have no idea how I found this race, but anything ocean side you can go ahead and count me in! The only thing that makes me a little nervous is that the training weeks going into the race are full swing winter around here – so this will be the first race I go into having only run on a treadmill. The good news is that the race is flat. Like, the definition of flat. Only 100 ft of elevation gain throughout the entire 13.1.

2. The Park City, Mid-Mountain Marathon is also on the list. I wanted to try my hand at Mid-Mountain this year but I didn’t think I was ready for my first 26.2, especially on the trails. Mid-Mountain is pretty much the central mountain biking trail in Park City – no matter what trail you go out to ride you are more than likely going to hit Mid-Mountain at least for a little bit. This race isn’t until fall of next year, and it is 4x cooler during that time of year because of all the colors.

3. The Big Cottonwood Half Marathon is up next. Unfortunately, this is another September race – my fall calendar is really filling up fast and I need to sprinkle some more Spring races in there so I don’t over do it in the fall. However, this would be a hard one to pass up. It’s hard not to jump in on those hometown races :)


4. The Paso Robles Harvest Marathon. This one I really want to run, but it falls about 2 weekends after the San Fran Nike Women’s Marathon (the first  26.2 I will run) which I kind of already have my heart set on. They also both happen to be in Cali and about 10 hours away from me so I don’t see the chances of all this traveling happening in one year, let alone about 1 month but we’ll see! If I had to pick, this race would be one of those ones that I dream of doing but don’t know if it will happen in the coming year or even two. Just makes it that much more desirable!

Harvest Marathon in Paso Robles, California


The scariest thing about racing in 2014? I will officially be in the next division, 25-29. These girls are fast. That means, if I’m ever at another race where people like HRG or Skinny Runner are running, I will be eating their dust. I like my division, WHY CAN’T I STAY! Growing up is just one pain in the butt after another!





Have you locked down any races for 2014?

Do you have a dream race, that you will run one day!


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