A Few Scenes from Vegas (Night 1)

One of the gifts I received from Aleck for my birthday last week was a weekend at the Aria in Las Vegas. To say it was fun, delicious and went by way too fast would be an understatement.

It started on Friday afternoon around 1:30pm when we headed out of Park City. We only made it about 45 minutes when we stopped for lunch in Provo. After almost 1.5 years in Utah, I still know about 0 things about the surrounding cities. So, when something popped up on the GPS that I had read about on the hungry runner girl’s blog (Jason’s Deli), I called it good and that’s where we went. I had a chicken salad wrap with a side of fresh fruit. The chicken salad had pineapple in it, which was a first for me but I actually really liked it.

Jason's Deli

The rest of the drive was SO long, and it was also filled with a snowstorm and a 1.5 hour long traffic jam. Someone, maybe me, got a little grumpy during this part of the trip.

Dinner the first night was at a restaurant in the Aria called Five50 Pizza. 25 years of life and I finally had the best pizza I have ever tasted. I am still, still craving it! My drink also cost as much as the large pizza so that was a treat :/

Five50 Pizza

After dinner we hit the gambling floor for lots of slots and roulette. It was a great way to start off a birthday weekend in Vegas! I will have more scenes from the trip in a later post.

In order to balance out all of the Vegas food that I ate this weekend, I made sure to keep it super simple and super healthy with my meals today. That also means no snacks! Snacking might be one of my worst habits. This morning started out with a fruit smoothie (after about a gallon of water) for breakfast and I stopped at Einstein’s on the way to work to grab a coffee. When lunch time rolled around I grabbed a cup of chicken noodle soup, mixed fruit from the grocery store and had a handful of pretzels. I am currently addicted to pretzels. Dinner was the highlight for sure! I had 3 recipes I have really been wanting to try and I made them all. I will be sure to share them on the blog eventually. It started with an appetizer of garlic parmesan edamame with a main course of a shaved brussels sprouts salad and stove top salmon. I feel like I need to eat as healthy as possible for the next two days because I can promise you on Thursday (Thanksgiving) all bets are off! There is no reason to diet on a day like that. In my opinion at least :)

Hope you all had a great Monday!


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