The Day of the Cadbury Eggs

It’s Sunday evening and I have been sitting on my couch, eating Cadbury mini eggs, drinking wine, and watching it snow all day long. I had every intention of going out to run but, it’s not a necessary run (I’ve run 7 times in the past 5 days) and the weather couldn’t make up it’s mind between wind, snow, hail, ice and rain. So I decided to watch it and Lifetime simultaneously while pretending not to know the entire day was passing by.

Yesterday was a weirdly active/productive day. I woke up early, had my coffee while I sat on the living room floor so the sun hit me, while reading Shape magazine. It was an immediate start to a good day. After that, I went on a 7 mile run, which was great/awful. My right calf and my knee were both throbbing in pain the entire time. I really wanted to get 10 miles in, so after I came home, iced, and foam rolled I decided to give it another shot.


Oh, and I found the world’s biggest M&M on the run as well…


Nope, it wasn’t happening. I made it about a half a mile before I knew I needed to turn around. This time it was mainly my knee, but holy cow it hurt bad. My foam roller didn’t seem to be getting the job done on my calf either, so I headed over to WalMart for a tennis ball to roll it out and came home with THIS WONDERFUL STICK OF MAGIC!


I used this every second I could yesterday and when I woke up today my calf felt 110%. I can usually tell if something is going to hurt that day because I have to walk down a flight of stairs first thing in the morning, and normally whatever is going to hurt, lets me know right then. It didn’t hurt! No sign of pain, wahoo!!!

One of the best parts about this, is that I pretty much made an impromptu decision last night to run a half this coming Saturday. I really wanted to get one in before I went home for my brother’s (and future sister-in-law’s ;)) wedding in about 2 weeks, and I found one about 1 hour from my house! I haven’t signed up yet because I wanted to get in 1 more run to check on my knee but if all feels well, I will be signing up tomorrow! I think a big part of my knee hurting again is a need for a new pair of shoes, I rotate between 2 different pairs and I think they are both close to their 300 mile mark. I love/hate needing a new pair. And my knees apparently give me no leeway on the whole mileage thing.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

TWICE within the next 46 (but who’s counting?) days I get to go home to Missouri! I am extremely excited, especially because they are both for awesome reasons! I cannot wait to see my brother get married and be apart of it! I came to terms yesterday with the fact that I’ll probably tear up while it’s happening (sorry Steve :)) but I can’t help it. It’s so exciting and I am so happy for him! He’s so great and I am so happy that he found someone that makes him so happy! eeeekkk!! <— if he reads that, there’s a 100% chance he will immediately start making fun of me.

The time after that I get to go home for one of my best friend’s bachelorette party and wedding. She timed it so that the party is the weekend before the wedding so I can fly home for that, work from home that week and be there for the wedding the next weekend! I can’t remember the last time I had a weekend away with my girlfriends and I pretty much want to start packing now because I cannot wait! I have no idea what that weekend is going to entail, but I can pretty much assume it’s an ensured hangover and boat loads of fun. I’m even excited for the 3 hour road trip from STL to KC, so yeah…I need a girls weekend :)

And because I’m feeling a little anxious to see my friends, a little snapshot of who my little possy is…

:) :) 🙂


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