Time For a Serious Training Plan

Well, this is happening here today:

Which obviously led to this:

To go along with this!

As you could guess, snow did not lead to any running today. I think snow at the end of June gives anyone a reason for an extra rest day and a drink…or two 🙂 I took yesterday off as well (today was unplanned) because when I woke up I realized I hadn’t taken a day off since the previous Monday, which I was definitely feeling in my legs on Sunday’s run. I ended last week’s run pretty strong, a speed day, long run day, and a few trail runs with lots of elevation gain…so for once I am not super concerned with an unplanned rest day.

I found a trail 5k that happens to be this Saturday and I am pretty sure I am going to sign up. I haven’t challenged myself speed-wise with a short distance race in a long, long time so I think it’s overdue – especially if I want to make sure I am getting faster. My speed work the other day was a little disheartening.

It was on a treadmill:

1 mile warm-up: 8:30/min pace
4×400 – 2:15, 2:22, 2:02, 2:05
1.5 mile cool down: 8:30/min avg pace

I am planning on taking a yoga class tomorrow morning before work and hopefully getting in a run after work as long as it *fingers crossed* stops snowing finally. I didn’t realize the Steeplechase race was in about a month and a half so I am sorttt of freaking out about how unprepared I am for that. I guess it’s time I start kicking my butt into some serious good shape.

My goal is go have a serious plan for the rest of the year that has all of my races listed and training/workouts planned. Not necessarily my workouts planned throughout the end of the year, but just an idea of what I need to do to be ready for each race I have coming up through the end of summer/fall.

And just because ‘Merica

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