Happy Halloween!

I fell off the wagon pretty early today. I’m okay with it though because I have sworn off candy for the day and I think I deserve it on a holiday :) Really, who doesn’t deserve a donut every now and then?! I have this weird thing, where every single time I eat a donut I crave a soda. Every. Time. For some reason in my mind donuts and soda go together better than PB&J, milk & cookies, butter & popcorn…you get where this is going.

Donut :)

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I went on my first real run yesterday evening, in the snow might I add, since the race on Saturday. Yeah, yeah I took a few days off. I don’t know if it was the bitter cold or the total lack of desire to be out there but it was horrid. I only ran about 3.5 miles (8:24 avg pace) and it hurt. Every single step felt a little more achy than the last. I think my body was just tired and cold and wanted to be inside with a blanket and food. At first I let it get me pretty down about how I was going to be feeling on Saturday morning. I already know it’s going to hurt, I accepted that a long time ago. But I want it to hurt because I am pushing  myself to finish strong and not because I didn’t recover from the Halloween Half the best I could. So, I think I am going to forgo any more running until race day (I can’t believe it’s so close!) and focus on resting my tired little legs, stretching and foam foam foam rolling! If you guys have any good recovery tips let me know in the comments!

How many Garmin users out there know this screen all too well?!

How many Garmin users out there know this screen all too well?!

With the realization recently that this race will be the last to train for until next year, I started wondering how I was going to continue holding myself accountable to keep up with my running. I know I’ll continue to run, but what is going to stop me from making every day an easy day. As luck would have it, one of my daily running blog reads figured it out for me! RunEatRepeat is challenging everyone to Pile on the Miles in November. This is an annual event helping us to challenge ourselves to pile on the miles – not the pounds during this food filled time of year. Head on over to RER’s blog through the Pile on the Miles link above and sign up! I signed up for 110 miles during the month of November, however you can choose how ever many miles you want to hold yourself accountable for.

I hope you all have a great Halloween! Enjoy your candy today before starting to pile on the miles tomorrow ;)


Weekly Wants Wednesday – VII (Race Entry Edition!)

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