Weekly Wants Wednesday – II

Nike Rain Jacket
















2. And of course, something else Nike. I don’t know what it is, maybe the fact that I played soccer for the majority of my life, but I have an intense love for soccer jackets. Especially, this Nike Warm-Up Jacket.

3. With all of the cold weather in Utah, I had to adapt to the use of running pants. I used to despise wearing them, but I actually got used to it pretty quickly. I found this pair, the Mizuno BioGear’s, and instantly fell in love. When it comes to running gear, anything pink and/or neon gets my attention pretty quick!

Mizuno BioGear BG3000 - Women's

4. My last one has nothing to do with running, but in the spirit of snow coming to Park City tomorrow – it’s a snowboard I’ve been eyeing. It was the most expensive one on the site too, so I obviously have good taste. Good for me! :/It’s a Nitro Cheryl Maas 2014. Love, love, love!















I might need to put my second credit card in the freezer (along with the first:). Whenever I’m sick I really like to cheer myself up with a little internet shopping..and as you can tell, I don’t usually go straight for the sale page.

Oh well, whatever gets me better for the big trip home tomorrow!





Where is your favorite place to buy running clothes?

Do you prefer online or in the store?

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