Bic Mac’s for EVERYONE!

Well, helloooo! Is it the weekend yet? Just kidding! I hope you all got some good, long runs in this weekend (especially if you’re some where that had this beautiful weather) because I did not. Not 1 run. Notta. Didn’t even snowboard. I did however get in a 7.5 mile run during my lunch on Friday and another 2.5 at the gym after work and I guess I just decided that was good enough for a couple of days. I finished the run (7.5) in right under an hour, which was a faster pace than I anticipated. By the way, my race is in about 2.5 weeks and I have not run more than 8 consecutive miles in 2014…so things are really looking good for that.

I definitely didn’t have a bad weekend though. I devoted all of Saturday to heading down to SLC and shopping for Spring clothes. Park City doesn’t have much in terms of real shopping, just an outlet mall that only has about 2 clothing stores I like (one of which is Nike). I did start at Nike, and got some bright new running pants and shorts. Next up was Costco for some of their cheap but awesome workout tanks, followed by heaven on Earth…Target. Holy cow I love that place, and it’s probably safer that there’s not one up here. This would be where THE BEST COFFEE IN THE WORLD comes in:


So, so good. I also bought potted strawberry plants for $1 each, soo yeah…basically just a $2 donation to Target. The mall was alright, I got a few things but nothing that I need to clean my closet out for the way I was hoping. Target was of course and always is the highlight of the weekend.

Sunday I was feeling a little bit rough so the snowboarding and running I had planned were both out the window. It was the most beautiful day we’ve had since the Fall and I wanted to be outside for every second of it. I woke up and took a walk over to Whole Foods (I really have no idea why) and stumbled upon this

Pineapples and Bobsleds

and this


I love a good beet joke. You know how I said I wasn’t feeling well on Sunday? Well I also had the strangest day in food. The day started really healthy with snacks like this

Frozen strawberries

then got even healthier


I have not had one of these since college. Worth the wait my friends, holy moly it was GOOD. Are you wondering if there was any regret inside of those two juicy patties and mixed in with the Big Mac sauce? The answer is yes, I felt a little bit guilty this morning but that was mixed with the desire to eat another one for breakfast. So no, not really that guilty.

I ran a quick 3.5 miles during lunch today, I wanted to make it a little longer (you know, because I ate an entire Big Mac) but I was pretty busy at work and I guess that comes first. I guess. I am hoping to wake up tomorrow morning and get in a longer run and then squeeze another short guy in during lunch. Can you tell I’m really trying to squeeze miles in before March 15? I have definitely never felt so under trained for a race, but I keep telling myself that everyone has at least one of those in life. Maybe? If not, you have permission to lie to me and say you’ve been there.

I get to spend the rest of the evening convincing my student loan company that I can’t afford their payments even though I didn’t get my papers in by the deadline. They didn’t buy the excuse, “but I couldn’t afford the stamp because I have to give you guys all of my hard earned money!”. So, time to come up with something new.

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