Park City Trail Series 5K Recap

The race itself was really organized and everyone was super nice. The race location was only about 10 minutes from my house and they actually encouraged same day packet pick up. Whaaat?! You park right at the start and finish right back in the same spot. Again, such an awesome perk for a race. The race start was at 8:00am and I got there around 7:15. I walked right up, picked up my bib and packet, waited in the TWO PERSON porta potty line (when are they ever that short?!) and then hung out in my car for about 20 minutes eating my banana, drinking some Nuun energy and putting my race bib on.

The race clearly states during registration that they do not start late, regardless of bathroom lines, etc. Bonus!  We took off at 8:02am (there was a clock issue) and  before I knew it my watched beeped for the end of mile 1. The first mile flew by and I finished in 7:05, mile 2 was a totally different story. That was when the hills started and that was when my legs wanted to stop working and I might have wanted to cry a little (no idea why). Mile 2 was at a 7:55/avg pace and I was just happy to have kept it sub 8 min. Mile 3 started with a slight downhill which my legs were very grateful to see and this mile felt more like mile 1, thankfully. There were a couple of guys who came in hot behind me around mile 2.5 and just stayed there. I get so frustrated when people run that close to me, especially because on all of the turns I either had to cut them off and feel like an a-hole or take it wide and no thank you, I was not about to ruin my race for them. On the last quarter mile stretch I heard them speeding up to pass me and I sprinted my little heart out at a 5:05/avg pace…and beat them all :) The race was actually 3.25 miles instead of 3.1, but they give you a heads up about that in the registration as well. I finished the race in 23:34, 7:26/min avg pace (I just wanted sub 24) and I finished 3rd in my age group (20-29). Wahoo! I finished 9/176 in the overall female category.

Instead of a t-shirt at this race, they give you a beer pint glass (which I loved!) and you don’t receive a medal. The medal part was kind of disappointing, but then I realized it’s probably the only way they kept race costs so low ($35 for each race in the series) and I immediately no longer cared. All in all, it was a great experience and I can’t wait for the 10k, 15k and half

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