Snow on April 27 – WHY!

Lately, I haven’t been minding Monday’s as much as usual because I have a lot of stuff going on (traveling wise) and they are somehow the day’s that I get the most done. However, a Monday during the last week of April when I wake up and there are inches of snow on the ground is not my favorite thing in the world. Talk about a buzz kill. Luckily the rest of the week is supposed to gradually get nicer and eventually end in Spring-like weather. Now to cross my fingers that it actually sticks around this time.

I had a pretty uneventful weekend given the amount of rain/snow/ice we were getting. Saturday morning I woke up and laid in bed all morning reading my book (finally finished Divergent) and I did not mind it one bit. The afternoon was spent car shopping (in the rain) and then a quick pizza and salad dinner at an Italian restaurant near the house. The rest of the evening was spent reading and watching TV. Told you, very uneventful :)


Sunday was supposed to be as gross as Saturday, but I lucked out and got out early enough to beat the snow. I went into town and did my own little version of a hill run. I did a 5ish  mile loop that ended up being around a 900ft elevation climb overall. I found a 1.5 mile loop that climbed and then had a really nice downhill (I wanted the downhills for my upcoming race). Right after I finished my run, it started snowing and continued to do so until my drive into work today. Yayy. I took a detour for a quick rest after one of the hills and found this neighborhood I never knew existed. I could live there. Yep.


I conveniently ended my run next to the bookstore on Main Street so I could pick up some goodies.

Books not sold on Amazon are really expensive, for anyone not aware. Probably just me.  But I couldn’t resist, the bookstore atmosphere is awesome and I hadn’t been in one in a really long time. I’d say it was worth it (kind of:))

Although the weather slightly made this Monday morning a downer, I stopped by the grocery store on my way to work to pick up some fruit for the day and LOOK WHAT I FOUND! 2 packs of Halo’s!

I sincerely hope someone was promoted for this genius idea.

Today’s planned run is an easy but longer run. During my morning routine of watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, I threw in a little bit of stretching and core work. There has been a significant drop in my workout routine that is anything but running since ending my gym membership so I am trying really hard to get back into a routine that includes it again. I have a few random P90x cds that I hope can help me out.

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