Spring Running Clothes are Here!!

I woke up today with a super, super sore calf so logically I went out and ran 4.5 easy miles. I came home and did a lot of foam rolling and stretching. I don’t have anything calf specific as far as foam rolling goes, so I just used what I had and hoped for the best! It’s still pretty sore, so instead of going out for another run (which was my original plan) I opted for an at home workout from the Sarah Fit book. I pretty much just mashed about 3 workouts into one and skipped the ones that made my calf hurt. I also gave myself a nice little pat on the back for getting in some strength training. These arms are looking prettyyyy ripped. Just kidding, I can barely lift a piece of paper.

With it finally being SPRING – you know, minus the random snow storm, I decided to make a list of all things Spring that I just cannot live without. Although I’ll probably have to live without like 99% of them.

1. I have a thing for running shorts – but to be totally honest I’m pretty picky about them. I hate the more expensive Nike running shorts that are longer in the  back than in the front. Like, hate them. I own 2 pairs on accident and I have never, ever worn them. Not even around the house. While I’m at it, if anyone is interested in them – they’re yours :) Back to number 1. These. I want/a little bit need these from Nike.


2. I’ve never worn a running skirt, and I believe on several occasions I’ve proclaimed I never would. I really just never understood (still don’t) why they are necessary? Anyway, I did stumble across this one on Nike and it is the first one I’ve ever seen that I actually thought might be ok. I’ve never worn a skirt without heels though, so…how I would pull it off is a whoooooole ‘nother question!


3. Yes, I already have pairs of the Mizuno Sayonara’s, but this color just screams SPRING! I’m in need of a new pair of Sayonara’s, mine are on their last miles so I may actually get to own this one!

4. I hate buying sports bras more than almost anything. They are so freaking expensive, yet I unfortunately understand the importance of a good one, rather than one from goodwill :) So, basically what I’m saying is that if a little Spring fairy existed, I would want her/him/it to bring me this one.

5. And lastly, this UA tank top. What girl and/or runner can have too many tank tops? The answer is none. Absolutely none. It’s also 16% off right now for the NCAA Sweet 16 with the code MADNESS.


Alright, that was supposed to be my last one but then I started looking through the sale section because I have a shopping problem like to window shop online. Early mornings here in the spring/summer are still pretty chilly soo I could absolutely see a reason to justify this purchase 🙂


Have a great weekend!!!

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