A Lot of Talk of Shoes

This week’s running is going surprisingly well and I am loving every minute of it! I’ve also been making sure each run is not flat…and bonus they’ve almost all been trail runs!!

Tuesday – 4 trail miles up to Olympic Park, 450ft elevation gain
Wednesday – 4 trail miles, 600ft elevation gain
Thursday – 3.5 miles before work (on the road bc it was dark)
Friday – I am planning to do a trail run with a couple of coworkers during lunch

Tomorrow is going to be a long mountain biking morning, so I am going to see how I feel after that to decide on running.

More importantly, have any of you seen the Mizuno Wave Sayonara 2′s?! I just saw them on Instagram and had NO IDEA they existed! And I cannot find them anywhere. I love my Sayonara’s. AND I cannot wait for Mizuno’s new trail shoe to come out soon. So many exciting things. Now to start saving all of my pennies so I can own them all.

I am also officially signed up for the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase!

I’m still on the fence about next weekend’s race. I a.) don’t know if I am ready for that type of climb b.) it’s at a ski resort with webcams and it’s still showing snow up there. The second one is what is really throwing me…I don’t know how much fun snow sounds right now.

When I’m not running around in running shoes, I am a total girly girl with my heels. I love heels. Probably because I’m on the shorter side and I’m a girl so of course I like the way they make my legs look…duh. I also don’t mind that every magazine will tell you that they’re good for a leg/butt workout if you walk around in them enough. Yes please. Anyway, check these out ! (Don’t mind the toes that look like they’re growing out of my shin)


They were even technically free. I am signed up for some stupid shoe website membership that I WANT OUT OF but until I used all of my credits they keep telling me I can’t cancel. So I bit the bullet and used the stupid credits so they will just get out of my life. I’m looking at you Just Fab.

I hope you all have a great Friday and an even better weekend!


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