Buying A Property In Vancouver? Here’s What You Need To Know

A good friend of mine has been in contact with a really trustworthy Vancouver Realtor, who has been telling her about all sorts of Burnaby condos for sale. My friend is really confident about her decision, and she can’t wait to buy one of those condos. She is even thinking of checking out another one from Coal Harbour Condos for sale. She’s fairly certain that it’s going to happen. I really trust the realtor, and I trust my friend too, but that doesn’t mean that I think it’s necessarily very good idea right now. But I’m just not the kind of person who invests in things or takes risks financially.

Honestly, the potential rewards of investing in the city like Vancouver right now are huge. I’m not denying that. Property prices have been on the rise for a like, a really long time now, and they don’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. However, the best thing to do would be to invest in a time machine and buy some property 5, 10, 20, or more years ago. In those days, property was dirt cheap, and now even a tear down a lot in east Vancouver is selling for multiple millions of dollars. Can you imagine that? A house that you’re just going to have to invest in tearing down is selling for literally millions of dollars. The world is wacky.

Anyway, I’m not saying that investing is a bad idea. I just thought about it a lot and I discussed it with my family, and close friends, and I just think that investing in real estate is a little too volatile for me. If I were to spend Millions on a property, and take out such a substantial mortgage, and then property prices plummeted, what would I do? Do you wait it out, how do you sleep at night? I guess those are the kind of questions I ask myself, and that’s why I don’t think I would be a very good real estate investor. So, I will say, right now my friend is having the time of her life. Different Strokes for different folks!

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App Marketing: The Struggles

Creating an app marketing strategy is not a walk in the park. You do not wake up one day with an effective strategy in mind. With many competitors sprouting here and there, what you need is a clear mind to come up with a very effective campaign and turn it into sales.

However, it is not easy. Every mobile marketer is struggling with challenges. Here are some of the challenges a marketer for a mobile has been going through and how he can address these problems.

  1. Competition

There are many people who can now develop apps, thus this creates the accessibility to having more and more apps each days. So how can your app standout in a pool of many apps which also have the same feature as you?

One is you need to invest app store optimization. Hire a digital company who can do the work for you and i am sure they can do it flawlessly.

2. Downloads does not mean they are being used

Though people download it, it does not mean people use them. Sometimes, it ends up not being browsed. What you can do is to fix its browsing features. It might be because it is slow to open that a user just neglect to open it. Remember your users are conscious of their time.

3. It can be erased immediately

You app must be engaging, fun, and enjoyable to use. Not some boring app that just lowers your storage space. If your app is likely this one, it may end up being erased by the user and you do not want that.

If you want more tips, check out this informative video:

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