When Advocacy and Business Collide

Is it possible for two different worlds to collide? I mean, does one industry can actually merged with another industry and create a bigger difference not just for selected people but for the larger public?

For Unu Motors, this is really possible through their products. Just look at how amazing their electric scooters are. In The Netherlands, they call is as their ‘elektrische scooter,

Their scooters are truly one of a kind. It is durable and the environment is never compromised. It gives a sense of fulfilment to know that you not leave a negative impact on the environment. Which is really cool.

I also learned that it creates no sound at all. It does not contribute to the already polluted city because in the first place, it is run by electricity. You no longer need to drop by the gas station to fuel it up. Just charge, powered by BOSCH, it whenever its battery is low. And oh, did I tell you it comes with a portable battery you can bring with you whenever and wherever?

I also found out that these scooters have already been published and featured in different media outlets like ELLE, BBC, Business Punk, and CeBit. This makes their product really credible and not just some ordinary electric scooter company.

These are just some of the wonders of Unu Motor’s electric scooters and I highly advise you all to go and get your own.

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