Which Baby Monitor to Buy?

What a wonderful day! I’ve got something special and I feel so happy. Last month I bought a Wifi baby monitor with the app, but it was lost somewhere on the way. And finally, they delivered it. First of all, it’s not just simple camera, it was created to monitor the baby’s movements. I spend some time researching and choosing the right one, but it was worth it! Now I am holding it in my hands and don’t know what to with it. “Open the box”, said my inner voice. Sometimes he (she) talks to me. Oh, please don’t think I am crazy mum. I don’t have any mental problems.

So after my box was checked, I started my preparation. I came into the room, looked around. Where I can install it? To be honest, I didn’t think much and put it to upper corner of the room.

I followed all the instructions and installed program to my smartphone. So everything’s already on the place and now I can I keep an eye on baby.  You might think it’s difficult to understand how to use it, but believe me it’s easy and doesn’t require from you to be a guru.  If I could do it, so can you.

My little son makes me smile from ear to ear every day and being far from home can be challenging. I don’t want to leave him even for a moment. With ComfortCam I don’t feel so lonely; I can monitor him from my office. I just feel grateful for this wonderful invention. It brings my family lots of joy and happiness. We don’t know how we could cope without ComfortCam before. It’s hard to explain our usual day without monitoring my son.

If you are considering a camera, which will monitor your baby, then ComfortCam might be right decision for that.

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Does Anything Turn Out the Way It Looks on Pinterest?

I’ve recently decided to start yet another health kick. When I say “health kick” I don’t mean finally start working out, blah blah. I work out regardless of how I eat, but I’m pretty sure my cocoa puffs and popcorn for breakfast lunch & dinner today cancelled out my morning run and yesterday’s and the day before’s. I found this great recipe on Pinterest, Caprese Stuffed Burgers. Sounded healthy enough if I ate it without the bun and the picture posted on Pinterest? I was sold immediately. I can’t be the only one…look at this thing!

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Hello, Trail Running Season in Park City

Once again I am working on getting back to normal life and routine after about a week and a half from being away. I love going home to Missouri, of course, seeing my family and friends is always a highlight – but being away from my new home, the office and my normal routine gets hard after awhile. I had an absolutely fantastic time while I was home this time around though. As I already mentioned, the bachelorette party was a blast and the wedding festivities somehow even topped that. Thursday was the rehearsal dinner in St. Louis, Friday we all got together during the day to get our nails and toes done and that night we stayed at the hotel together for one last night! There were so many great things that happened during all of it, way too many to recount, but it will not be a wedding soon forgotten! The bride was stunning and it was truly her fairytale wedding. So I’ll just share a few photos instead :)

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