Hello, Trail Running Season in Park City

Once again I am working on getting back to normal life and routine after about a week and a half from being away. I love going home to Missouri, of course, seeing my family and friends is always a highlight – but being away from my new home, the office and my normal routine gets hard after awhile. I had an absolutely fantastic time while I was home this time around though. As I already mentioned, the bachelorette party was a blast and the wedding festivities somehow even topped that. Thursday was the rehearsal dinner in St. Louis, Friday we all got together during the day to get our nails and toes done and that night we stayed at the hotel together for one last night! There were so many great things that happened during all of it, way too many to recount, but it will not be a wedding soon forgotten! The bride was stunning and it was truly her fairytale wedding. So I’ll just share a few photos instead :)


They’re a fun bunch!

I came back to Utah yesterday and didn’t want to wait too long to get back into the swing of things. After work today I was debating skipping a run because I needed to unpack, etc. but then I decided I was just making excuses. While I was able to get in a few runs while in Missouri (I got 21 miles on my Mizuno Baton app!) they weren’t long or hard runs by any means. I have this thing about when I get back to Park City I want my first run to be hard and I want to kick my butt back into shape and not let the elevation change affect my running. So I set out to run up to Olympic park. About half way up I noticed a trail marker on the side of the road…which is great because it’s full blown trail running season around here and I could not be more excited! I decided to break off and run the trail to see where it took me. I am so happy I did! It took me right up to the bottom of Olympic Park…like right next to the ski jumps, bobsled tracks, everything! I will be back to the trail soon. Before I left for my run I decided to get out my trail running gear for the first time this year to make sure I was ready to go for the season.

No, those aren’t my trail shoes but I just love this pair so much I haven’t wanted to switch over.


There are a few trail races I want to do this summer (June mostly) to get ready for my biggest trail race in August…the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase. Jupiter Peak is a 16+ mile trail run with about 3,000ft elevation gain. You run to the top of two different peaks before finally descending back down to my favorite restaurant :) I pretty much plan to crush that race. There is a trail race I found for June 7 (so soon) which is only 8 miles but it has a 2,400ft elevation gain so that sounds like a pretty intense way to jump start trail running season! If I can get in a good, steep run in this weekend I think I will be signing up for it just to see what kind of shape I am.

And now I am off to catch up on some work, yay! See ya on hump day!

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