Comfort in The Mountains

My loves! Thank you for being with me and following my latest news.

As you remember I live little bit far from the city. I feel myself extremely happy person and I really enjoy staying  in the mountains: fresh air, crystal clear water and beautiful nature. I’ve recently refreshed my design with beautiful furniture. To be honest, I haven’t changed the basic Adirondack style, because it was already great. Adirondack is a style, which calls you to get rid of the burden problems, work and life in the big city with their exhausting energy. This style forces to stay here and enjoy every moment of our being.

Even my family said it looked truly luxurious and this house might be a museum in the future. There are many historical things inside! Well, I’d like to admit my favorite Adirondack chairs. They look very nice with my current design. I found them on the Internet and they delivered them directly here, to my house. They are created for family cozy evening, when everyone’s thoughts are open like a book. There is no place for closed feelings. In addition, my Adirindack chairs are made from natural materials, in my case from cedar. For me, it’s very important, I don’t want to have plastic things around me. If you lack of money you can purchase cheaper one’s, which is not from wood, but also look nice with good quality. They were constructed well and it was declared they would remain the same in any conditions. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to test them under the rain. I hope that nothing can happen to them, because they are waterproof.

My friends often visit me at weekends and this time and I hope they would feel comfortable in such a relaxing atmosphere with marvelous Adirindack chairs.

Last year we had a BBQ party here and it took several days to get everything ready. My friend, a good website builder from the city, and I had to make the food, clean the house and put up the decorations. Oh yes, everything was perfect – the buffet, the music and the decorations. We sang and danced to the music all night long. If they liked my previous design, this one they would definitely love more.

Finally, today Adirindack style and its chairs are accented by the naturalness and majestic forms. Still, attract the attention of many designers around the world. So it’s easy to have a cozy interior and stay fashion at the same time.

So I am going to have a party next  week and I’m sure it’s going to be a great memory for all of us!

Tell me how you prepare for the party? I am waiting for your replies.



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