Spaghetti Squash Bandwagon

Ohhh yeah. I finally found a new health food trend I can jump on board with, spaghetti squash! I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical of this stuff when I first heard about it, and it obviously took me a little while to finally give in, but boy am I glad I did! My skepticism was mostly because I hadn’t tried any type of squash at all until about a month ago when my boyfriend tricked me into it. Seriously, you serve me anything with as much salt, butter and olive oil as he had on this thing and of course I’m going to think it’s good! Nevertheless, I did it. I figured out where it was at the store, found an easy recipe and cooked it up for dinner. It was

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Punxsutawney Phil Is In Trouble

The first day of Spring has finally sprung and here in PC, Utah…it’s snowing. Surprise, surprise. I can’t be too upset though, this past weekend and earlier this week we had incredible weather. That incredible weather made for some pretty awesome trail runs. One of my favorite trails even cleared up enough that I could run the front side of the mountain. The warm weather mixed with my awesome, new, fantastic, wonderful purchase of JT’s new album onto my iPod made for a ton of PR’s beat and a whole lot of miles put on my favorite running shoes, my New Balance Minimus Trail shoes that I love so much. These ones were originally purchased to ease myself into Minimus running. They have a 4″ heel to toe drop rather than a true 0″ drop. I ran quite a bit in zero drop Minimus last Fall and even a little bit indoors this Winter, but I decided it might be best to ease myself into this type of running again with the 4″ drops. That was a good call on my part, my legs were on fire for days after these runs! But it was the good kind of burn, the kind where you just feel your muscles becoming more defined and strengthened with every step. One of my top 10 feelings for sure!


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My oh my have I had a lot going on since the last time I posted! My half marathon is in about 10 days and I totally screwed up my training schedule because I went out of town this past weekend on a little hiking excursion, but I’m working to get it back on track! Before I get into that, this hiking trip I went on was an excursion indeed. I’m not sure if any of you  have heard of it, but Coyote Gulch right outside of Escalante, Utah is always being talked about as a must do hike in the US. When I read that recently, I decided that we must do it right now :). When I get excited about something I have the tendency to feel that I need to do whatever it is right away. Before heading down to Escalante we did a lot of research and preparing for the trip. Everything we read said the best way to enjoy the hike was to do it in 3 days/2 nights. So, that is what we planned and prepared for. We took off work

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A Delicious Vege Quinoa Cake Recipe

Yet another successful Pinterest recipe to add to the books. Either I’m becoming a better cook or I now have a knack for finding the easy recipes. The latter being where I’m leaning on this one. Either way, I’m happy! I added a few things and switched out some ingredients for healthier ones from the original recipe I found and also added a lemon-dill-sriracha remoulade. Intrigued yet?

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My First Half Marathon – The Results

Yesterday I ran my first half marathon, and it’s safe to say I am addicted! I’m already looking for my next race. One of my favorite things about racing is the places it can take you. For someone who loves to travel and see new places, it will make every race different and every race as exciting as the first.

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I Just Want to Run

Things this week are not going as planned! My hopes to wake up Tuesday feeling better were crushed, as was today’s. So far this week I have 5 of my 27 miles finished. Yikes. Extra yikes considering I leave for Missouri tomorrow – where I plan to be way too busy catching up with friends to run. Now that, I do not mind!

Without any runs to post – I decided to share some randomness from the trusty iPhone. Enjoy :) *Weekly Wants Wednesday still to come!


Todays breakfast of sick champions

Sick Breakfast

The view of the sun setting over Olympic Park from my driveway


You know this great place I am so excited to go back to in Missouri? This is the place I call home :)


And lastly, just me and my 2 BFF’s hanging out. I love the holiday’s, can you tell?!


Happy Hump Day! I hope you’re all enjoying your weeks!


Any tips to getting rid of this bug?! 

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Weekly Wants Wednesday – VII (Race Entry Edition!)


Today’s Weekly Wants Wednesday is dedicated to the top races I want to do in 2014. I was planning out my race schedule for the upcoming year and why are there so many cool races out there!


1. I want to start the year with the Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA. The Surf City race is February 2, 2014 – exactly 4 months after my last race in 2013 (this weekend’s Moab Trail Half). It is apparently California’s Classic Oceanfront Marathon. I actually have no idea how I found this race, but anything ocean side you can go ahead and count me in! The only thing that makes me a little nervous is that the training weeks going into the race are full swing winter around here – so this will be the first race I go into having only run on a treadmill. The good news is that the race is flat. Like, the definition of flat. Only 100 ft of elevation gain throughout the entire 13.1.

2. The Park City, Mid-Mountain Marathon is also on the list. I wanted to try my hand at Mid-Mountain this year but I didn’t think I was ready for my first 26.2, especially on the trails. Mid-Mountain is pretty much the central mountain biking trail in Park City – no matter what trail you go out to ride you are more than likely going to hit Mid-Mountain at least for a little bit. This race isn’t until fall of next year, and it is 4x cooler during that time of year because of all the colors.

3. The Big Cottonwood Half Marathon is up next. Unfortunately, this is another September race – my fall calendar is really filling up fast and I need to sprinkle some more Spring races in there so I don’t over do it in the fall. However, this would be a hard one to pass up. It’s hard not to jump in on those hometown races :)


4. The Paso Robles Harvest Marathon. This one I really want to run, but it falls about 2 weekends after the San Fran Nike Women’s Marathon (the first  26.2 I will run) which I kind of already have my heart set on. They also both happen to be in Cali and about 10 hours away from me so I don’t see the chances of all this traveling happening in one year, let alone about 1 month but we’ll see! If I had to pick, this race would be one of those ones that I dream of doing but don’t know if it will happen in the coming year or even two. Just makes it that much more desirable!

Harvest Marathon in Paso Robles, California


The scariest thing about racing in 2014? I will officially be in the next division, 25-29. These girls are fast. That means, if I’m ever at another race where people like HRG or Skinny Runner are running, I will be eating their dust. I like my division, WHY CAN’T I STAY! Growing up is just one pain in the butt after another!





Have you locked down any races for 2014?

Do you have a dream race, that you will run one day!


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Back on the Workout Train

I finally made it back to the gym for a hard workout and it felt great! I haven’t had that feeling in a while after a workout, but I’m glad it’s back because it definitely makes it easier to get back into a routine.

Today’s workout:

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Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope you all ate too much and relaxed even more.

My little Thanksgiving break from work started Wednesday afternoon with a quick and hard workout at the gym. I felt like I severely pulled my hamstring after the gym on Tuesday so I started the day off on this new stretch machine at my gym. It looks a lot like a luggage cart so I felt awkward on it the entire time.

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Pinterest Fail

I don’t even know if this can be classified as a Pinterest fail, it feels much worse than that. I found a recipe for Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies while I was browsing Pinterest the other day and I was stoked. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is the bomb dot com and I knew these had to be good, especially on some vanilla ice cream..yummmmmm. So last night was the night, I was going to make these delicious cookies of joy and I was even going to bring the leftovers into the office so I could spread the happiness. Happiness however, was not in the cards. Maybe this was a sign that I have been eating too much dessert lately? No. Can’t be.

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