My Recommended Stock Photography Source

If you’ve ever contributed to a Blog, ran a website, or needed to use stock photography for some other reason, you will know how profoundly frustrating it is to find the right photo from a batch of boring, generic images. Yes, I wish that every single article could have its own customized photograph, but that would seriously interfere with my productivity, and I would really need to take a couple photography classes to learn how to do that. And, sometimes you’re writing about something that you just can’t find in the real world, and you depend on an image from the internet to make ends meet. Actually, more often than not, this is the case.

It is actually exceedingly important to attach an image to every single blog post you write. It’s necessary, and it’s evil a necessary evil. It’s only evil because the options on most Stock photography sites are not even a little bit good. So often I’ll be very proud of an article that I’ve written, and every single image that could possibly attach to it is total garbage. Well, maybe not total garbage, but it’s definitely not what I am hoping for. This pattern has repeated itself over and over and over and over and over and yes, once again, over and over again.

It’s just part of life as a blogger. The other bloggers I know I have consistently told me that they also struggle with this. However, when I recently found the website EyeEm I had wondered if I stumbled onto this Goldmine all by myself, or if all of the other bloggers that I’ve known were just lying about their struggles to keep this amazing gem for themselves. Thankfully, a lot of the bloggers and writers I know are really good people, and their dependence on poor stock photography sources is not only clear from what they say, but also the images that are attached to their blogs.

EyeEm, though, is super different. The photos are great and bountiful and the database just keeps growing and growing with more high quality content. I’m so happy about this site, and ever since I began to use it and I search for good stock photography has gotten a whole lot easier. So, even though I am sort of wanting to keep this little secret to myself, if you’re loyal enough to be reading this far into a post, I’ve given you your Stock Photography solution.

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Fun With A 360 Camera

So, I never thought that this would be the sort of thing that I would be interested in, but I recently had a really fun experience that I feel like sharing. Friends of ours came over, and they brought with them a 360 camera. We were very interested in it, as they showed us all of the neat things that you can do with it, and we decided to go out and get one of our own for our next hiking trip. I don’t know if you know this, but we absolutely love hiking. Anyway, I was so amazed by the results.

It seems like this technology has come from nowhere and become very advanced in a very short amount of time. You can even get these neat headsets, which allow you to engage with your 360 degree panoramic contents in a really amazing way. Wow, I can’t believe that this technology even exists these days. Anyway, this may go without saying based on how I’ve been gushing about it, but I absolutely recommend giving this new strain of Technology a shot. It’s really interesting, and it totally exceeded my expectations. Actually, I actually had no idea what to expect at all, but still, I would not have ever thought that this sort of amazing technology would just end up at my disposal by some strange stroke of luck.

I’m so grateful to have friends who exposes to interesting things like this. Sometimes, when you grow up, things outside of your echo chamber never seem to enter your reality. This, however, has made a nice little impact and will totally change the footage that we capture on our hikes and nature walks. I’m excited to see what else we do with it and how else it impacts Our Lives. Thanks for reading, as always, I appreciate you so much.

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