The Reason I am Pursuing Real Estate Marketing

My readers know I am an avid health and fitness enthusiast. For years, I have been into joining marathons, going for jogs and runs with my friends and significant other on early mornings or late in the afternoon, and even family fun runs. I enjoy fitness as much as I enjoy my career as a part time business woman.

Lately, I have been interested in being a real estate agent. I got the idea of opening up my doors to this venture when we finally purchased our own house after six years of having a family. Being with the parents of my husband has its share of ups and downs. Though I will always be confident that there will be someone to look after my child when we are away, I still can’t get the idea of owning a house of our own out of my mind.

When I met a real estate agent, I told her about our struggles and she assured me that she understands our situations. She said she has also been in that kind out situation. As we went on to discuss possible real estate properties, she offered me this house just 20 minutes away from our parents’ home. Which is great also so I can drive my kids to them for a weekend vacation or if there are family occasion. This is a benefit also as we always have our weekly family dinner every Wednesday. My parents can go visit us or we can go to their house in just 20 minutes.  It has access to the nearest grocery store, shopping mall, school, and the church. What is  great is that it is also nearby a park where I can dog walk or have my early morning jogging.

So when we decided to move out of our parents home, I was excited to have a place of our own. Our parents were quite devastated but for sure they will get the hang of it in time. The joy and peace our new home brought made me realize every family should have their own place.

That is why I want to stretch out my business ventures by putting up a real estate marketing business. I would love to learn more about the industry, and perhaps attend more courses so I will be more abreast with the latest strategies of selling houses, condominiums, and buildings.

When I told my real estate agent friend about this, she gamely accepted my offer of being a business partners. She will be in charge of the operations while I do the marketing side. She also advised me to look for as many real estate agents as possible so the word will spread about our new business.

While the money is very rewarding in real estate marketing, what is more important to be is the fact that new families can no longer have to depend always on their parents.

I am excited to help more people and I was inspired more when my husband and my kids showed their support.

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