Training for a Trail Run Indoors

With Utah being such a winter loving state (especially Park City) I’ve had to opt for some indoor training trail running tips (try saying that 5x fast!). Running on a treadmill or around an indoor track have always been just about 2 of the most boring activities I could find myself doing. Unfortunately, I don’t always have a choice, so I figured I might as well be doing it right if I’m going to be doing it. I found these two great treadmill workouts from Caitlin Chock, a former Professional Nike Runner, at

The Long Haul: Three-Mile Hill Climbs
The workout should be completed at a pace that is difficult but sustainable for the entire three-mile repeat.

  • Warm-up 15 minutes at 1.5-percent grade
  • 1st mile at 4-percent grade
  • 2nd mile at 6-percent grade
  • 3rd mile at 8-percent grade
  • Cool-down 15 minutes at 1.5-percent grade

Zero-Drop: Flat Speed Sessions on the Belt
The goal is to run slightly faster than you could on the track because you are running sans any grade or wind resistance. For example, if your hard 800-meter pace is 3:00 outside, aim for 2:55 to 2:57 reps on the treadmill.

  • Warm up 15 minutes at a 1.5- or zero-percent grade. With treadmill on a zero-percent grade, run six to 10 x 800 meters hard with a 400-meter recovery jog between each. Cool-down 15 minutes at a 1.5 or zero-percent grade.
  • Warm up 15 minutes at a 1.5- or zero-percent grade. With treadmill set to a zero-percent grade, run 10 to 20 x 400 meters hard with a 200-meter recovery jog between each. Cool down 15 minutes at a 1.5- or zero-percent grade.

Tonight I am going to attempt The Long Haul: Three-Mile Hill Climbs. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that because it’s new and not repetitive I can finish before I die of boredom.

The good news though, is that while I have been off the running trails I’ve been stepping up my snowboarding game on the ski trails. I’d like to think that has kept me in pretty good shape but I guess my run tonight will be a testament to that.

Me when I was just a newbie snowboarder last year. My outfit has come a long way since then!

Me when I was just a newbie snowboarder last year. My outfit has come a long way since then! I would like to think I no longer look like the Michelin Man.



I did The Long Haul: Three-Mile Hill Climbs as  my cardio workout last night. Holy cow are my legs burning today! I ended up having to cut the warm-up and cool-down a little shorter than 15 minutes because of a time constriction, but I think my body is secretly thanking me for that. It’s a cardio workout that I will definitely be keeping in the rotation to get ready to hit the trails this Spring!


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My Favorite Purchase Ever

Happy Friday! I really need to step up my blogging game lately, I am just always so exhausted outside of work, running and feeding myself. I’ll work on it! My running this week has looked like this:

Monday – 4 miles outside
Tuesday – 4 miles outside / 3 miles outside after work
– I ran a 5:55 mile on my lunch run, I have no idea where it came from! But it felt awesome!
Wednesday – 5 miles I ran up to the Olympic Park, I haven’t done that in forever!
Thursday – Rest Day. I didn’t plan on it, but I feel like I pulled something in my quad from my hill run on Wednesday and I didn’t want to push it 2 weeks before race day
Today – snowboarding this morning, planning on 5 miles this evening

A few pictures from Wednesday’s run. You can never beat running while the sun is setting in Park City.

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A Lot of Talk of Shoes

This week’s running is going surprisingly well and I am loving every minute of it! I’ve also been making sure each run is not flat…and bonus they’ve almost all been trail runs!!

Tuesday – 4 trail miles up to Olympic Park, 450ft elevation gain
Wednesday – 4 trail miles, 600ft elevation gain
Thursday – 3.5 miles before work (on the road bc it was dark)
Friday – I am planning to do a trail run with a couple of coworkers during lunch

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